Craft explosion! The Needlework, Craft & Quilt Fair visits Melbourne this weekend.
Also – I want to get some wrapping paper printed. Does anyone have any ideas about good, cheap printers that will handle such a project in Australia? Thanks!

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    Hi Claire, how much paper do you want to print, and how much do you want to spend. I might be able to source a printer for you. Sounds like a great project. Cheers, Cath

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    hii think you may like this site.its for a very cute japanese magazine called pooka :featuring illustrators.
    if my sister amanda sees this you would love it too.

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    hicute site claire
    hugs to you melinda
    amanda :8)

  5. Loobylu wrapping paper would be so lovely.

  6. me and my mum visited the craft show and it was packed. some of the things so beautiful that i was totally overwhelmed with emotion. it was amazing some of the things. did you get a chance to visit?

  7. Hi Claire,
    What about The Wrapping Paper Co.? They are based in Australia, and according to this page:

    they offer custom printed paper. You’ll probably be able to work something out with them.

    For small jobs (custom wraps for personal gift-giving) you might look into the Print Gocco hobby machines.

    Here’s another link:


  8. wrapping paper…mmmm. saw this and thought of you – “the ultimate color printer craft book” ( – can you imagine the fun you’d have making wallpaper?