Loobylu is the personal website of Claire Robertson

I am an illustrator living and dreaming with my raggle-taggle family in a forest on a small island in Canada’s Pacific Northwest.

Loobylu.com was launched on Sunday 21 May, 2001.

Before that it existed at loobylu.diaryland.com from December 1999.

Loobylu has won lots of awards and has had lots of press and apart from the people in my life, it’s the thing of which I am most proud. I have also made many friends and found much inspiration through blogging – so if you are considering starting a blog and wondering if you should – I most heartily encourage it.

I also can be found on TwitterTumblr and on Facebook.

Disclosures: Links through to Amazon from Loobylu are hooked up to the affiliate program. If you buy something over on Amazon after following one of my links I will get a small percentage of the sale usually in the form of a small Amazon gift certificate. Thank you! It pays for my books.

Old ‘n’ Moldy Press

“Serves up breezy diary accompanied by exquisite illustrations.” – WIRED

“her work is widely admired for its elegance, humour and personality.” – The Australian

“[Claire] maintains a charmingly illustrated account of her daily life. Full of delightful detail and occasional poignancy” – The Guardian

“she can make the power going out on a dark winters’ night sound interesting, and worm-farming look like a barrel of laughs. Her stories are full of warmth and insight; no wonder she has won several readers’ awards for web logs. The bonus on this site are the pictures; Robertson’s trademarked big-eyed, rosy-cheeked characters turn the tales of life in Melbourne into mini-storybooks.” – The Sunday Age

“a small bag of old shriveled mushrooms.” – The Wall Street Journal
(ha -ok – so I might have taken this one out of context.. Find the full article here).


Thanks to Phil McCluskey who is a) amazing and b) helps me figure out all the technical stuff.

Thanks to my Dad who is still my most awesome (post-published) proof reader.

Thanks to my blogging and crafting mate Kirst who inspires me to be better and buoys me in moments of ego-crazed, blogging-doubt.

I use WordPress for publishing (using a slightly altered Watson template), Photoshop for illustrating, and a iPhone for taking snaps.

When my blog turned 10 I thanked a lot of people for their support in various ways over the years. Here’s that list again.