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Thank you for all the comments from the last post and all the awesome suggestions for t-shirt suppliers. I have found a supplier of American Apparel here locally in Richmond and will also investigate ordering online as well as the other suggestions made.
It’s been a busy few days. Everyone is still sick or sick again so sleep has been hard to come by and days are long and filled with Wiggles videos. We have had a great weekend despite all this with yum cha at the Shark Fin House in the city (Amelia was much entertained by the waiters whizzing by with trolleys filled with dumplings, the tables of noisy people, the tanks of fish and her set of chopsticks – a great toddler success story) and then a delicious birthday dinner for Ben at Kenzan in the city last night. This morning I got up early and hopped down to the flea market to meet up with Kylie and Miriam which was delightfully enhanced by a chance meeting with Ms Cassandra. There was coffee swilling and much excited talk of t-shirt printing, good and dodgy printers, yarn tales and market finds. An inspiring morning indeed.

I have also had a chance to sew up two dogs from “Splendid Soft Toys”. (it’s a little hard to see the black dog in this picture. His corduroy coat seems to suck in the light).

I discovered it really wasn’t too hard to do so I have sketched an idea for a dog design of my own ready for turning into a pattern.

And there’s also those cat dolls to be worked on. And my Blythe doll arrived and she really needs some new clothes. I am about to sew her up a new outfit consisting of this and this.

What else…. It’s no secret that I love Martha Stewart Kids Magazine. I could give or take Martha Stewart Living as it’s pretty expensive to buy here and tends to get a little repetitive, but Martha Stewart Kids on the other hand is always full of fresh ideas, great colours, wonderful design (polka dots abound! Ric-rac is the star of the day!) and even stuff that I book mark to try with Amelia in the future.

Over at Fred Flare Kids’ Editorial Director Jodi Levine is interviewed. Other interviews I like from the Fred Flare line up include Bust’s Editor-in-chief and Stitch ‘n Bitch author Debbie Stoller and local lass and designer extraordinaire Beci Orpin. Beci says nice things about Melbourne.

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  1. Your dauschunds (sp?) are divine. I particularly like the check inside the ears. You seem to be in a creative whirl-wind at the moment! Good luck with your Tshirts, cat dolls and Blythe clothes. One day soon I will drag out my sewing machine again…

  2. As a child, I had a stuffed dog which I absolutely loved (made about 1973) that looked verrrry similar to those, except I think it was a basset hound? The material was yellow with little pink cats on it..the ears, eyes, nose and tail were exactly the same as your dogs. Must be from the same book.Great work!!!

    You’re an inspiration. I was recently given a sewing machine, and want to create my own quirky dolls, just for fun! Thanks for the great links!

  3. says:

    Hi Claire..I was just wondering which ‘flea market’ you went to early this morning… was it Camberwell Market or is there some special secret Melbourne flea market I don’t know about? I would love to know…. Lucy xx

  4. Yes! it was camberwell. I love it. But there are some others which were suggested to me a while back in my comments. Here’s the entry:

  5. I can’t wait to see your Blythe doll! Which one did you get? What are you going to name her? And, how much did you pay? Before you mentioned them I’d never heard of them but have been spending hours on the net looking at them and I want one for Christmas! I’ve been fantasising about the mini hats, scarves etc we could knit her.

  6. Oh! I must have one of those dogs!

  7. says:

    hi claire
    Love your puppy dogs. I’m just starting out on this craft thing but you make it look so easy I’d like to get hold of a pattern for something similar – any ideas? Thanks

  8. says:

    Do you do commissions? I love the dachshunds!!

  9. I was too lazy to suggest it first, but I’d thought I’d second it anyway. I have an American Apparel T-shirt that I got for free from a magazine in San Francisco. The slogan on it is stupid, but I keep it because it’s sooo soft and has a very flattering fit. Two thumbs up from me.

  10. your dogs are super cute!!
    i have no kids but i still buy and love martha stewart kids, so many great ideas and fun things to make!

  11. says:

    I love the little dogs, they remind me of ‘Noodle’, a dacshund from a book of the same name from the sixties.A friend of mine who used to make a lot of soft toys for sale taught me to put a little white stitch at the top of the black bit of the eyes, it gives a highlight to them. It’s lovely to be able to see your hobbies, thankyou.

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    Just wanted to say I am so pleased to have read your entry on finding a stockist for your screenprinting – I was overwhelmed with the same thing, I’m starting a small merchandising design company and I didn’t know where to begin looking for good tshirts and jackets that aren’t made under bad conditions. I am really enjoying the look of the Qualitops products, please be sure to let us all know how you go if you try another supplier. Also, thanks for posting about Bendigo, my hometown!

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    Hey Claire,
    I’m looking to make a gift for a kiddie… and your dogs seemed like just the right thing. I checked the title you mentioned on, and the closest hits I got were “The Splendid Soft Toy Book,” one by Sterling Editions and one by Erna Rath… are either of these editions the one you used?

    Many, many thanks.

  14. Ohhh… hello! I want one of those dogs! They’re gorgeous!

  15. which blythe doll do you have? i love blythe too and have collected a few small eye+body ones, but would love to get a full sized one when i have some extra cash to spare. did you catch the “this is blythe” exhibition at the outre gallery earlier this month? 🙂

  16. Claire! Please put me on the list for one of those dachshunds in black–I’ve got a little one at home named Scooter and he looks JUST like the stuffed one you made!

  17. Hello! I should have been clearer about the name of the book. It’s called “The Splendid Soft Toy Book” and I think it’s the Sterling Editions one.