February 2014


A shout out from Narnia

The snow has finally stopped and the sun is melting away our magical wonderland.  We’re still snowed-in but as long as we keep power that is just fine with me. In the mean time:...


There’s a groke looking in our window

There’s a Groke looking in our window. The Groke from Tove Jansson’s Moominland Midwinter “She appears as a ghost-like, hill-shaped body with two cold staring eyes and a wide row of white shiny teeth…Wherever she...


Roller Derby and some SNOW

Last night we headed down into town to watch Salt Spring’s own roller derby team The Committed play Tofino’s The Black Pearls. This was followed by Vancouver’s Anarchy Angels vs. The Vancouver Island All-Stars. Both...


Jolie Holland – Sascha

This is a sad, sweet, old-timey song from 2004 which I recently discovered – thanks to the joy of rdio.


Rainy day and my ugly mug

It’s a miserable day here on the island. Luckily I am partial to rain and heavy, grey skies. The crazy, tree-limb tossing, roof-pounding wind I can do without. I am about to head over...


The Moon Song (Studio Version Duet)

Here’s an especially sweet version of Karen O and Ezra Koenig’s The Moon Song from Her. Ukulele chords are over here too… for those compelled.


Studio update

Look – it’s a February update. What a turn up for the books. It’s bloody freezing outside and there’s a snowstorm headed our way but inside my new studio it’s warm and cozy. I...


Egg babies

A blast from the past… 2007. Some of my kids’ friends are currently doing this experiment and it reminded me of these Warm Kitty panels that I did for the Comic Artist Rehab blog...