W.I.P. Friday = Monster almost done!

Well, Amelia’s ugly girl is almost finished. I just need to stitch on the flower and add the spare eye to the other hand and she’s all ready to wrap and stick under the tree. Amelia hasn’t seen her yet and I am looking forward to her discovering it on Christmas morning. I made a late change to the design by adding a tooth – at Amelia’s request. Here’s the original drawing again:

While I haven’t made an exact copy (which perhaps would have been nice – a little like Lizette’s work) she is soft and cuddly and similar enough to an Ugly Doll, which I think is what Amelia was trying to capture in her drawing anyway. Now I just need to finish Lily’s doll and we’re set. It’s taking me so long this year!

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50 Responses

  1. This is the best thing ever. I can’t wait until my daughter can draw so I can do something like this. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration!

  2. You nailed the UglyDoll look. Wow I’m impressed. And what’s more I think you really captured Amelia’s drawing. You are so inspiring. I wish I could do that for my kids. It is so incredibly special that you can give them such amazing handmade treasures. Wow.

  3. Fabulous! You have done her proud! Keep that drawing forever – to show her when she’s older what you made for her 🙂 She’s one very lucky little girl! (and you are one lovely Mummy!)

  4. So funny! It’s great! My congratulations to the designer and the crafty mom!

  5. ladolcerita@gmail.com says:

    This is so wonderful!

  6. Oh. my.
    It’s absolutely perfect!

  7. r0sebenga1@yahoo.com says:

    Amazing! Amelia is one lucky kiddo.

  8. sharonhunting@hotmail.com says:

    I think she? is wonderful…

  9. serj@bigpond.net.au says:

    She’s too pretty to be ugly!

  10. You’ve done so well to capture the expression & gesture of that drawing. Champion!

  11. How wonderful. I saw all the things you make based on those great drawings your kids make. You make it look so easy (I know it’s not).

  12. oh that’s fantastic! how exciting and magical it will be for Amelia to discover one of her drawings come to life 🙂

  13. Fabulous job interpreting her drawing.

  14. that’s just great! She will love it- and I can’t wait to hear about her reaction.

  15. That’s the best eye-holding doll I’ve ever seen!

  16. that little doll and the drawing are just adorable.

  17. What a cutie pa tootie!

  18. Oh Claire you are so clever.

  19. I love it! It’s adorable.

  20. Oh my I love it!! I think it’s an exact copy of Amelia’s drawing.

  21. leetusdesigns@optusnet.com.au says:

    Oh Claire..that is sooooo cool!! She is going to be so happy and excited that you “made” her drawing. I would have loved that as a kid..please let us know what she says!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous ugly doll. I am sure your daughter will absolutely love it. Must keep as an heirloom I think, although I am sure she will carry it everywhere with her.

  23. I love how you translated drawing to doll- the legs are especially wonderful… skinny lines! And that flower- perfect!

  24. It’s pretty close to Amelia’s drawing – she’s pretty lucky to be getting such a cool present!

  25. ineedsleepzzz@yahoo.co.uk says:

    this is just so so so cute that i had to drop a comment 🙂 i love your musings, your crafts and your illustrations (:

  26. oh my goodness how cute! i’m sure Jeero (and your daughter) will fall in love with her!

  27. Well, isn’t that about the cutest thing I’ve seen all year! Spare eye… hehehe!

  28. LOVE IT! What a lucky girl!

  29. uch a cute drawing turning into such a cute doll!

  30. blades7816@yahoo.com says:

    Wow, all I can say is your so talented! Amazing amazing amazing!

  31. I love the idea of bringing children’s art to life. It’s inspired!! Your daughter will absolutely love this. Oh my does this give me ideas…

  32. mrscakehole@hotmail.com says:

    Oh, that is so sweet! Amelia and Lily are very lucky girls to have their dreams brought to life like that!

  33. angierosas@sbcglobal.net says:

    It’s so amazing that you can do this for Amelia.

  34. That turned out incredibly neat. Gosh, I wish you were MY mom!

  35. My son is always trying to get me to make up his creations in felt, but I’m not half as good at it as you, this is soooo gorgeous, you have really captured the spirit of her drawing, bet she will love it to pieces!!

  36. I think it’s a *perfect* translation of the drawing!! It totally captures what Amelia was going for AND perfectly compliments the UGLY Dolls. That could BE one of the Ugly dolls! I think you did a FABULOUS job! She’s going to LOVE it!

  37. Until I started “blogging” I had no idea of the scale of all this craft work that seems to be going on. You people are extreemly talented and make blogs a nice thing to look at and read. Well done.

  38. This is such a fantastic idea and I think it turned out great! I hope she loves it.

  39. what a wonderful present it will be.

  40. So lovely! You translated her sketch so well! You have a budding product designer on your hands! Not only will she love it because it’s so cool, but because YOU made it and she helped.

  41. Would you mind if I wrote about this on my blog? I would link to your site, of course. It’s just so wonderful I have to share.

  42. this is so sweet! What a blessed little girl! 🙂

  43. Wow!
    Yes, can you be my mum too, please?

  44. that is so cool. I want one!

  45. 😀 awesome idea…reminds me of this thing they did in canada: tiny kids got to design their own merry-go-round animals….and the result was whimsical and adorable, just like your creation.

  46. What a great idea! Wish I could sew like that! 🙂

  47. Oh Claire, I love this! You know I would, too, right? I love Ameila’s original drawing — what a great creative mind she’s got there. And you’ve done an incredible job in recreating her little monster in 3D form. Love it.

  48. That is sooo awesome! Amelia & Lily are so lucky to have you as a mum!