Now for the next part I will kick a football around

Garden designer Edna Walling’s home in Mooroolbark is up for auction. (Here she could be posing for the mirror project)

This is what it kind of sounds like in the mornings when we wake up and look out into Mum and Dad’s garden: lovely magpie sounds.

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10 Responses

  1. wow… that house is gorgeous…
    love your illustrations… I’m trying to inspire my best friend to do something about becoming an illustrator herself… I have sent her your site.

  2. says:

    I *adore* that illustration. It is beyond cute…Okay so I love all of your work 🙂
    Ever thought about making a new desktop wallpaper section? *nudge nudge* 🙂

  3. I’m not related to aK!
    Cute cricket. Wah. What software do you use for coloring? Hehehe and brushes if ever?


  4. what a beautiful home – do you think the harp would come with it?
    Franklin would have a blast playing with the strings.

  5. O Claire… I’ve been trying to resist comment lately, because all my commentary sounds so very redundant, just ooohs, and ahhhs and how very wonderful, but your spritely little green guy refuses to be ignored! His is so very engaging… and puts me in mind of Lane Smith’s whimsical critters. Lane Smith and Loobylu… now that’s a winning combination! P.S. I love your wee woodland bunnies too… absolutely precious!

  6. lovely art up in here

  7. says:

    Dear Loobylu, I´ve been happily following your journal for a while and I do really love your illustrations. I would be SO interested in how you actually create your new style. I am totally into the techniques of illustrations and I try to learn more about it. I am not really advanced yet – but I am progressing 😉 If you don´t want to post it here and wouldn´t mind to email me, I have included my address. I know, I sound like a terrible plagiatoress, but promise, I am not! Oh, and even if, I am 100% European, so no competition from my side (as if anyway ;))All the best to Amelia, too,

  8. says:

    “now for the next part i will kick a football around” – sounds like you’ve been watching The Lost Prince. I just loved that show, I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen for so long. I keep thinking about it, the characters were so well acted, it was very moving.Wonderful site, loobylu, thanks!

  9. 🙂 I dido all that’s been said above – you’re a terrific illustrator!! So cute! 🙂 xoxoox