May 2009

Black Cab Sessions 22

Black Cab Sessions

I spent a long time browsing through the short films of the Black Cab Sessions last night, and it made me so happy that I thought I would share them with you too. You’ve...

How to Build Community 19

How to Build Community

Love this – building connections and community is big on my mind these days. It’s the stuff of life, don’t you think? This should be stuck on our fridge. (via shauny on tumblr)

My Creative Space 13

My Creative Space

My creative space this week has been quiet. I managed to finish the doll, but life is shifting slightly as Lily’s afternoon naps all but disappear and we get busier with friends and family....

Off to Nicaragua 22

Off to Nicaragua

I have almost finished this little girl, ready to send off to Eren and then on to Nicaragua. She needs a few more pieces in her wardrobe, because (well, really) a girl can’t go...

Botanical Gardens, Sunday 10am 11

Botanical Gardens, Sunday 10am

Sketch books packed, a bag of croissants picked up on the way. The gardens were absolutely busting with people this morning but we still managed to find a few quiet spots and the odd...

Inspires me: Lucy Knisley 5

Inspires me: Lucy Knisley

Sexytimes poster! – Originally uploaded to Flickr by Lucylou Back when I was reading (slightly obsessively) the Twilight books, I stumbled across a comic which summarised the saga neatly in 16 panels. Having only read the...

Quimby the Mouse 11

Quimby the Mouse

This is a little sad. One of my kids loved it, one of my kids clasped a tissue to her eyes and told me it was terrible. Via Joyville & Drawn

Dear Nany 18

Dear Nany

I asked Amelia to clean up her room on the weekend and after about five minutes she said to me, “You know how Nanny cleans up my room sometimes, well what happens if she...

Posting pretty pictures 11

Posting pretty pictures

Did I say I wasn’t going to have a tumblelog? Well, I have a tumblelog – I’ve only been posting to it for a couple of days and eventually I intend to incorporate it...

Sailing over a cardboard sea 17

Sailing over a cardboard sea

I scanned in the inked version of my new drawing and have been playing with some colours in photoshop. Much fun. I have to work out how to deal with those big blocks of...