April 2009

Inspires me: Souther Salazar 5

Inspires me: Souther Salazar

The work of  Souther Salazar actually makes my heart ache just a little. These are older works but he has a show coming up in New York on May 16th, 09 at Jonathan Levine Gallery.

Paumes – So cruel! 19

Paumes – So cruel!

Oh so cruel! In our year of “must not spend on anything frivolous” I have found more Paumes books without which my collection will not be complete. Ages ago I spotted the Paumes title “London...

Every Day in May 17

Every Day in May

Such a lovely, rainy, insidey day to day. My favourite.  I have a kid home sick which is a little sad as she is missing a (rather chilly and wet) school excursion to the...

Lil-billy 6


Phil is making tuna pasta for dinner (woo!) and I am about to take on a chicken casserole ready for tomorrow night. Amelia is sitting at the kitchen table sewing tiny socks for a...

Lunch box shenanigans 40

Lunch box shenanigans

I am having trouble (already, so early in the year) coming up with lunch box goodies for a child who seems to eat very little of whatever we put in. Phil packs her a...

This is where we live 3

This is where we live

This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo. Lots of cut paper in this one!  “A film for 4th Estate Publishers’ 25th Anniversary. Produced by Apt Studio and Asylum Films. The film was...

Paper cutting day two 18

Paper cutting day two

Dream House #1,  8″ x 11″ I think I have found a new obsession. And while you might not believe this, it *isn’t* low-light photography. (Curse these gloomy afternoons!) Working a papercut is a...

Links I like today 3

Links I like today

o) Birds on a branch wall hanging (above) by Sew Liberated and the tutorial for the birds at Spool. o)  Downloadable and printable (US Letter sized) lined paper for kids to practice writing on at Balancing Everything. o) Eric...

Cartas Pequeñas 18

Cartas Pequeñas

I worked on Little Letters almost four years ago now. WOW! Where did that time go? I feel massively prolific realising that fact (not). Oh well. It’s always nice to hear from people who...

Origami for the enthusiastic 5

Origami for the enthusiastic

I just received my Dover Design Sampler email and listed in the new releases is a book called Famous Aircraft in Origami. Making a paper crane is absolutely my limit, but for those who...