October 2008

Seedlings 19


Look what’s on the agenda this weekend. I have just got back from our local nursery where I bought a small tray of the things we found most useful in our vegie garden last...

Reading matter 9

Reading matter

On my bedside table. Isn’t this a beautiful study in similarities and contrasts? (please ignore the dirty kitchen floor – but extra points if you can spot the red mini pom pom).

Halloween-style weeding 15

Halloween-style weeding

I spent a lot of time in the garden today, whipping it into shape ready for vegetable planting. While the kids scrabbled in the leaf litter looking for pill bugs to put in their...

Everyone loves a Give Away #1

Everyone loves a Give Away #1

** Update to say comments are closed and I will be drawing a winner as soon as Lily has her afternoon nap! ** I have just finished putting together a package for a fellow...

Room to move 16

Room to move

We finally moved Lily’s great big chunky change table out of her room today and over to the nursery of a soon-to-be-born baby who will be living just a few streets away. It’s left...

Birthday cake 29

Birthday cake

I am on the mend. Each day I manage to spend a few more hours out of bed which is such a good thing. I have been getting so bored and frustrated with my...

Japan is for another day 63

Japan is for another day

Hello! Here I am. I have been in bed for the last 7 days – pneumonia! Well, if that doesn’t knock it out of you, nothing does. So very sadly we had to cancel...