Crap. I have just got home to discover the gardener (who I was so excited about many moons ago) has ripped down the passionfruit vine. And I was dreaming of passionfruit drenched pavlovas.

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  1. New Zealand pavlova?! You’re unpatriotic, Claire.

  2. Nic – too right mate – I should have thought of that. But the recipe looked the best of a rather meagre lot over at all recipes so I decided to stick with that one. It seems that the origins of the pav are a little hazy and like Russell Crowe may infact not be all that Australian at all.

  3. That’s not right at all!

  4. There is nothing worse than an overzealous gardener! Demand compensation (in pav form of course).

  5. That’s very disappointing Claire. I’m sorry that your tree is gone. You can always plant another although I know it’s not the same. 🙁

  6. I had a similar experience last year, when one of my landlord’s landscaping guys took a lawn mower to my herb garden. It’s really depressing. I’m still waiting to see if anything will come up this spring, after the trauma last fall.

  7. would kill for a pav, don’t care where it comes from! Did suggest to my mum last time she came to amsterdam that she bring one over but the idea of gingerley balancing a pav shell on her lap for 24 hours didn’t appeal!
    Doesn’t it take quite a long time for a new vine to produce fruit?

  8. why did the gardener rip it down?!

    might have to stick with nigella’s chocolate pavlova instead… :-p

  9. says:

    Perhaps he thought it would be a good april fool? very cruel tho.

  10. says:

    Sounds like he owes you a new vine… at his cost.
    Is he bonded and insured?

  11. Mmmmm … pavlovas. Especially pavlovas with passionfruit all over them. Bummer Claire!

  12. says:

    Passionfruit vines not only produce lovely fruits but gorgeous flowers as well. I wish Amelia could have seen those.

  13. says:

    hey claire, i like your new about page. yay for kind-of-hidden updates. : )

  14. says:

    That really stinks. Is there any chance of the poor vine coming back?!
    Oh, totally unrelated, I found a very odd site (baby head candles), and had to share after the Martha Stewart baby heads.

  15. That’s terrible. We had a vine in my childhood house. Well, actually, it was the neighbours’ vine, but it grew over our fence. I was anti- fruit back then, but enjoyed picking them for my parents to scoff. Now, of course, I regret all those lost p.fruits and long for a vine of my own… maybe one day.

  16. Marina! My gosh, those baby head candles are even creepier than the baby head tacks in martha stewart! The candles look like something right out of a horror flick! Now these really look like severed heads! ack! It would be interesting to use for halloween though..hehe. That is, as long as it’s not a replica of your child’s head!

  17. I came across this your site..I cant remember how now. But, maybe youve gotten this before, my nickname since i was 17 is loobyloo. I almost died when i saw this. Very nice I might add.

  18. funny…i draw too

  19. Ok…i know enough is enough …I’ve become a posting punk-a$$ on your site. Im new to all this blog junk. Do you use a program for your drawings? How are they done. You work is fantabulous.