Nice things to do on a sunny weekend:
1. Have morning tea with Suzette, Ben and Oskar Tex (here you can see a photo of our embarrassing couch! See, I told you it was embarrassing. Also, forgive me for wearing those shoes with those pants. What was I thinking? How did I imagine I could impress new friends with this look?).
2. Eat delicious cinnamon scrolls baked by Ben.
3. Sit in a beautiful garden with Amelia J, her grandparents and her great grandmother.
4. Wander around an art supply shop, a book store and shops selling Paul Frank gear and other fun stuff. Find a copy of The Penguin Book of Etiquette for Paul for his birthday. Feel very chuffed as we know Paul will love this book. Sections include how to eat an artichoke, how to iron clothes, how to ask for a pay rise and other topics that he will be bound to find useful in life.
5. Get home and shop on ebay for hours on end, not actually buying anything but filling up my “watched items” with quirky vintage stuff.
6. Discover a whole world of collectibles that I must have desperately.
7. Dream about ebay related subjects all night.
8. Sunday morning sleep in until 7am.
9. Hit the flea market with Dizzy and T.
10. Sit at the next table from Barry Humphries in a cafe. Remember the section in Paul’s etiquette book entitled “In the Limelight” which I happened to read while waiting for a sickeningly sweet “fluffy slipper” smoothie in a juice shop yesterday. It said “If you recognise someone well known in a restaurant…don’t stare…The time for autographs is at the stage door with your program after a performance, not when your idol is trying to go about anonymously.” Not that I would be brave enough to pester Barry Humphries for an autograph anyway, but he was hardly being anonymous. He stood up at one stage and announced to his table in his very distinctive voice that he really rather liked getting out and about.
11. Watch Amelia J smile at ducks (ducks and more ducks!) in a tiny baby animal petting zoo.
12. Discover while chatting to Lara on instant messenger that Paul already owns The Penguin Guide to Etiquette. We are very good at picking his taste.
12. Shop on ebay some more. Realise that I could have sold a Barry Humphries autograph on ebay!

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17 Responses

  1. looloop@hotmail.com says:

    Slept in until 7am? That seems to me to be a contradiction in terms! Ah, the joys of young children……….

  2. wow! you sat next to barry humphries, claire! that is so cool. it would have been hilarious had you asked him to sign your book of etiquette as sir les patterson. 🙂
    i once sat next to paul cronin (a la dave sullivan from the sullivans) at my favourite thai restaurant and was positively chuffed at that. but barry humphries! wow.

  3. campose@htolmail.com says:

    Uh…sorry…I didn’t notice your couch or your shoes because I was distracted by that CUTE little thing on your lap. How precious is that baby?

  4. You should have got the _etiquette book_ signed by Barry Humphries, and then sold it on eBay.
    Not for any real reason but, hey, it would have wrapped up the story nicely, wouldn’t it?

    PS: I’m not sure whether to be impressed or worried that you thought I’d like that book. (It’s great, by the way.)

  5. i so want that book. i look at it every time i’m in the book store. i do however have another book that you might like to impress paul with… my sister gave it to her hubby. very interesting. i also want it. i’ll tell you later :]

  6. I had no idea that Barry Humphries was Dame Edna’s real name. I don’t suppose that I’ve ever thought Dame Edna might have a REAL life….

  7. I feel so much better about my ebay affliction/addiction after reading this entry! 🙂 I’m not alone! And…even though you already know it I just have to say that Amelia is so, so cute! Have a great week!

  8. Ebay is evil. Every time I see someone remotely famous (ie. worked for 5 minutes as an extra in Lou’s bar on Neighbours) I want to get their autograph to sell on ebay.

  9. what’s in a “fluffy slipper”? I’m curious.

  10. meredith – I think it had tropical juice, mango, banana and orange sorbet and ice. It was very sweet and not terribly nice.

  11. Amelia still has The Hair! Brilliant. She looks lovely and very grown up already.

  12. Oh and another thing: if you can ever afford a new couch, the fabric from this one will make incredible material for a large number of very fancy retro handbags (like Susy Lundy’s), don’t you think? And I mean that in the nicest possible way…

  13. wow… sounds like a fabulous weekend. I love flea markets. Don’t get out to them often enough now. My girls think it is just dreadful to wander thru someone else’s junk… They do not realize that their home id decorated in ‘Thrift Store Deluxe’. LOL

  14. and PS- eBay is very addictive…firstly- it is free.
    secondly- it doesn’t have calories-
    thirdly- you don’t burn gas going.
    4thly- where else can you discover magicfingers motel beds for $44 us?

  15. toujours2u@cox.net says:

    I so share in the pain of owning an ugly couch. My new one is on order and shall be here in 4 weeks. Sadly I must keep the ugly one till I can afford to order the loveseat that matches new sofa. Oh the pity of it all!

  16. m@ehomad.com says:

    Oh Claire, everyday I fall more and more in love with that incredibly cute baby of yours. Please for the sake of God, POST MORE PICTURES OF AMELIA! People might be suffering from lack of stimulation here. Goodness me, I have just embarassed myself over a baby.

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