Cool it

Thank goodness it’s a little cooler tonight. We have just taken Amelia out for Japanese food which was relatively stress-free despite having a tired little girl still recovering from a big day. There was an mini toddler pool party in Vermont South this morning, a long, hot and tiring car ride through the suburbs on the way home because I got really really lost, a trip to the library (mainly to pick up our ACMI films) and an extended Hooley Dooley dance session in the afternoon. So the heat is less intense tonight but it’s been so awful. Yesterday I squirted Amelia with the hose out in the backyard and she thought she had died and gone to heaven. I had the sprinkler nozzle on and I was pointing it into the air and letting it rain down on us (it’s a trigger hose and we were doing it near the beans which needed the water, so please don’t email me and say “what about the water restrictions, huh?”) and it was bliss. My mum got in the way a couple of times and shouted at me that she didn’t like getting her feet wet so from then on Amelia and I both thought it was pretty funny to “accidentally” spray Nan-nan. Now we are going to watch one of our newly borrowed movies… let me just check with the family as to which it will be: Suspiria it is!

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  1. Sometimes your life sounds so magical. It is what you make it – thanks for including the rest of us.:)

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    I just wanted to say, it is so nice to know that other people can be creative and function normally with a toddler in tow. My great friend, Heidi from Mypapercrane and I meet up with each other, let the kiddies play while we create. I love your work and plan to order some of your cards soon. The characters are fabulous! Keep up the great work!(While you are melting away there, we are expecting a high of 30 today.)

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    howdy! i’ve been an avid discoverer of your journal for a short while now and i am in awe of your creativity. i’m a live journal gal myself but what i wanted to say was that Jessica Harper the haunted lady of Susperia is an amazing children’s performer and has 4 or 5 kids cds out that won’t make you cringe! way better than Raffi! 🙂

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    omg Suspiria! I had nightmares for days after watching that as a kid.

  5. Hi, I have had so much trouble with keeping my 3 little boys cool in the Melbourne heat, especially at night . Thankfully it is raining today!! I think when you have children the best part of creating is seeing there faces light up when you show them something Mummy has made!!!

  6. Good idea to clarify the water restriction thing, just so as not to attract the relentless do-gooders of this world to comment.
    Yet, I also know that there is no need to excuse a good play, every-so-often, in the water during summer! Ha! Run Nan-nan!! Ruuuunnn!