Gentle Easter Saturday

Today it rained and rained. I had a long afternoon sleep (after only managing to clock up four hours last night) while Big-P took Amelia shopping for a new Charlie and Lola book. They came home pink-cheeked and cheerful and made pizza together for dinner. There was flour and mess everywhere, but no matter – some kind of fresh domestic harmony has set in these last few days and life feels good. The pizza was great.

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25 Responses

  1. The pizza looks great!We made one ourselves yesterday too!
    Happy Easter 🙂

  2. says:

    Oh GENTLE DAYS are my favorite. Have a restful Easter Weekend and a Joyous Spring to You * Yours.MB

  3. That is really really not air! Posting a picture of a delicious looking pizza. There are almost no ovens in Japan (where I am living) and the pizza you can get, often has corn and mayonnaise on it. No exaggeration. I miss pizza.Nice to see you are having a relaxing Easte!

  4. Looks warm and lucsious!

  5. Yum! Have a great Easter 🙂

  6. Thats really a warm celebration!Happy easter.

  7. says:

    it’s looks fantastic!

  8. mmm…pizza. sounds like a relaxing day!

  9. the pizza looks divine. and to think of all that love (mess?) put into it, it’s even better! coming from where Ellen (commenting before me) lives, yes, pizza is far better in Australia than over there.

  10. It’s nice to see a guy who puts pineapple on pizza. The ones I’ve met always veto it so I go and get my own.

  11. this post has put a gentle smile on my face.happy easter.

  12. Our Mia is also hooked on Charlie and Lola books. Unfortunately she has taken to chanting “I want xxxxx now, now, NoW, NOW!”. Oh dear. Happy Easter.

  13. says:

    That looks homemade and amazing – I don’t suppose you have the recipe lying around? 😉

  14. Happy Easter Claire 🙂 Glad to hear things are feeling good, that pizza looks fun!

  15. It really did rain yesterday, so heavy! But we need it though and I like rain 🙂

  16. Mmmmmm! Looks delicioso! I love Charlie and Lola!

  17. hmmm a pizza just isn’t complete without pineapple! yummo and happy easter!

  18. it sounds like a very happy day. Flour, if it is spilled in happiness, can’t be all that bad ;o)

  19. says:

    Oh I bought Charlie and Lola on DVD (series one ABC shop)for the kids for Easter. It was part of the “treasure” that they had to find with the pirate map I made for them..I mean the Easter Bunny left for them. heehee So I have had Charlie and Lola on non stop for two days…lucky I LOVE them myself! Happy Easter to you all!

  20. says:

    seriously, i can’t stop looking at that pizza!
    but something unrelated – was wondering if you can recommend any good fabric stores around melbourne other than lincraft, spotlight or clegs? 🙂 i’ve been searching high and low for nice fabric for making cushion covers.

  21. Good God Woman–that looks the most delicious pizza I’ve ever seen!!

  22. Looks delish, like it belongs on the cover of a foodie magazine.

  23. I’m loving seeing all the various Easter feasts on everyones blogs… wonderful looking homemade pizza!take care, gracia