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Big-P had to be at work early this morning so we were up and about around 7. Because it was just way too early to put on the TV Amelia and I went for a brisk walk in the early morning chill and now we’re back and it’s only 8am! Amelia and I have a lovely empty day ahead of us. Yesterday (sans sleep) I would have said that we have a vile and horrible long stretch of a day ahead of us with nothing to do, but instead I’m going to accentuate the positive (eliminate the negative). In fact, I may not publish this entry until tonight and if that’s the case I am going to write it now as if the day has already happened.


After our customary hour or so of children’s television while i caught up on some client emails, blogs and other good web stuff, we headed out to the Bunnings to buy some herb seedlings and other gardening paraphernalia. For the first time this week Amelia did not grizzle or throw a tantrum whilst sitting in the trolley and I managed to negotiate the parking lot with grace and ease (my two imaginary friends).

Shortly afterwards we came home and after a little morning tea we headed out into the still sunny backyard and I planted my little seedlings while Amelia pottered about in an incredibly pleasant manner watering the garden with her tiny watering can whilst humming and telling me amusing anecdotes (none of which involved me having to play the part of anyone other than myself – I can’t tell you how many times a day we usually hear the phrase “you be so and so” – usually Buzz, a witch or a baby).

Lunch time was a huge success. Sandwiches were eaten with gusto – a whole glass of water was downed and Amelia then suggested that she should perhaps go and have a little nap. (ok, now I am just getting silly). So instead we got in to the car and drove to Wattle Park and ran around for a good hour before deciding it might be time to head home and try making some rock buns which turned out to be a delicious success (thanks Jane!).

All in all a fabulously good day. Tonight we are off to Nic and Jud’s for a super Survivor night – just like the good old days.

— post script: the amazing thing is — my day actually was like this! This morning, as I typed this up, I thought I would be able to add a humorous post script about how in fact we ended up wailing at one another and then watched tv all day – why would today be better than any other day this week? But we didn’t. We really did do all that and more. The rock buns are in the oven, and the seedlings are waving their little heads in the afternoon breeze. Perhaps it’s that amazing fact that people who write down their targets achieve their goals (after all Courtney Love did end up making friends with Michael Stipe!) — either that or it’s wonderful what a difference a full night’s sleep can make.

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17 Responses

  1. That’s so cool that what you wrote did, in fact, happen. I’m starting to be a believer..there’s a lot about this kind of thing in the book “Write it Down, Make it Happen”.Sounds like you two had such a fun day. I’m looking forward to a trip to Bunnings myself!

  2. I love empty days. Sounds like you had lovely one.

  3. it’s both. you create what you plan AND sleep always helps. always. i’d love some sleep. a good night’s sleep. ah, bliss.

  4. What a fantastic post! You forgot to mention the bit where you won the $19 Million jackpot! …so excited about Survivor…Jeff is the best.

  5. That was a wonderful story. Keeping them busy is the key. Excuse me my boys are trying to drown each other in the bath.

  6. The power of positive thinking – it obviously works!

  7. Actually I think you might be on to something! I wrote in my blog today that my afternoon shift at work was going to be filled with icky orthopeadics, and it was! So next time I’m going for the positive post, and writing about a pleasent evening shift filled with well mannered surgeons and helpful registrars and hopefully the Loobulu theory will work twice!

  8. Oh, Claire, it’s so nice for you to share this long, detailed, very human story.
    I love craft blogs (especially yours!) but sometimes I lose focus on who is doing the writing. It’s really nice to occasionally have this POV.

    Also so good of you to be honest about how some days are bright! And fun! And smooth! and other days are wretchedly miserable, when you stay with a small child …

    You’re so right, sometimes it’s a matter of keeping a positive eye. You’ve inspired me to go make a gorgeous day for my toddler and myself.

  9. Yum. I love the rock bun recipe too.I am going to try out your “write the post before it happens” trick and see if it works…

  10. What a lovely, lovely day!
    Perhaps I should go and script out my day straightaway! 🙂

  11. Hey, this sounds a bit like what they talk about in the movie,WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW?
    The power of intention is at work here–Create yourself another wonderful day!

  12. a testimony if i ever heard one!

  13. your lovely post reminded me of a Beatrix Potter story…especially the gardening bit!

  14. yes I concur with ‘snowbear’ – I like that idea about the power of intention…
    I am reading a book right now which covers this same topic… allegedly you can succeed at anything if you make it seem possible to yourself first by visualising it in detail (or in your case, writing it all down)… how fantastic. I am inspired 🙂 x

  15. this is one of my favourite posts of all time! thank you for sharing it — i was prepared to grump around for a bit just now, but i’m smiling instead. 🙂

  16. See, it’s far better to focus on positive rather than negative, but all too often we think negatively.

  17. Wow! What’s your secret??! My three year old daughter actually behaves a lot better when anything involves being outside . And of course cooking is always a winner. I love days like that 🙂