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Firstly, hello to the people who are arriving here via Dooce! Just to let you know (if this is why you wandered over the connections to get here) that I don’t currently have any of my toys for sale. Heather bought a toy which I had in an exhibition last December, and apart from a small amount that I made for a show just recently (which have all gone to good homes) the softy making is on a bit of a hiatus for now.
If you are looking for some unique toys then I can highly recommend a few of my favourite craftspeople: Rosa, Stephanie, Camilla, Fiona, Heidi, Van, Carly, Melissa and Hillary.

In other news, I have had a few parcels arrive recently – so some thank you’s are long over due. Firstly we received Ana’s paper doll which looks lovely in our sitting room sitting next to our Lane Smith print. Ana is a constant inspiration for me so it’s wonderful to have something of hers in the house.

Next came a parcel from bagel47 (I think her livejournal is anonymous) which included the sweetest little bib for the baby – in colours to match the quilt / room no less!

And Karen mailed me a set of these gorgeous US postage stamps after I left a comment admiring them on her site some time ago. I am going to have to frame them – I wish Australia Post would release a similar series. It would be brilliant.

And Lizette (whose work I have been such an admirer of for the longest time) so very kindly sent a parcel containing two of her wonderful creations – a Sweedy, who was immediately adopted by Amelia despite originally being intended for the baby (but I’m not going to break any hearts at this point)…

…and this bag, which I am completely besotted with (some details about it here).

Thank you Lizette!

And then with some paypal money that has been burning a hole in my account, I went a bit crazy and ordered a Lunchbox from Reusuable Bags. It’s the great bento box lunchbox and case that Jennifer uses for Schmoo’s lunches over at Vegan Lunchbox, but when I worked out how much it all cost (after hitting the purchase button) including international postage and then converted it to Aussie dollars, it is a ridiculously expensive lunchbox. It was so expensive that the idea of Amelia taking it to school and (heaven forbid) losing a bit (as she is a three year old who thankfully has her mind on other things besides worrying that her lunchbox pieces are all there) has made me put it away for another day / year. Just dumb really. But isn’t it a thing of beauty?

It is possible however, that I am the only one with a lunchbox fetish.

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  1. Wow, you got some lovely presents! I saw that bib over on Caylie’s blog when she made it and it’s lovely. And I can’t get over that bag, it’s so beautiful!

  2. I’m not from dooce – but stumbled in from an page on crafts. Love your site.

  3. says:

    Im a bit partial to a good lunchbox myself especially ones that have little compartments that separate the wet from the dry ingredients. Tupperware make a great one.

  4. I followed your links the other day to those lunchboxes, and decided I too had to have one, but have yet to go buy one. Love the whole idea of them, so you’re not alone in your fetish 🙂

  5. You are not the only one with a lunchbox fetish. I’ve lusted after one of those bento boxes and I rarely ever have to take my lunch with me!

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    BUMMER! I am having a baby girl in 5 weeks and your dolls look like a perfect gift…please let me know when you’re making them again! Thanks!

  7. I do like the look of that lunchbox – does it stop banana coming home squished?

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    I’ve been reading your blog for at least a year now, and also Dooce, saw her post yesterday and thought, well, Loobylu will be getting a LOT of extra traffic, ha ha!

    Anyway… I want one of those lunchboxes too! But I am not in the near future paying that amount of money! And I’ve spent hours looking for something similar in Australia, to no avail!! 🙁
    Can anyone out there help?!!!

    Loving your blog,



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    Your art work is absolutely adorable! I look forward to hearing from you when you have a new stock of softy toys ready!Enjoy your new baby! All the best…

  10. Thanks for the link to the Reusable bags site! Finally I can ditch the ugly lunchbox I have with the company logo on it for something a little more stylish! I just have to decide between the Built NY and the Mimi the Sardine bags.
    You’re not the only one with the lunch box fetish. The laptop lunch bags tempted me as well. 🙂

  11. What a visual delight! Your latest mail is just gorgeous. So lucky! The sweet bib, the stamps, the sweedy….AND the lunchbox. How fab is that? You might have to go on a special picnic and use it yourself!

  12. Oh my, but do I love lunchboxes. I’m always eBay-trawling for bento boxes like my host family used in Japan. We should start a Lunchbox Addicts Anonymous.

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    Oh, not the only one. Oh no. Not only do I have the lunch box fetish for myself, I have it for my daughter. Who is 14 months old. I bought this one to send to daycare with her.

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    Hi! That link didn’t work. How’s this:

  15. Sofia has one of those lunchboxes and she/I love it! The second week of kindergarten it went missing and I was heartbroken (they are pricey). It turned up a week later! Yea!

  16. That applique bag is to die for!
    (P.S. I found you via Dooce back around Christmastime!)

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    I was being so strong holding out on a Bento box – but your link to the reusable bag site was too tempting – so I did it – and of course I had to order 2 to save on postage costs! Have found the vegan lunchbox site wonderful -sent B1 to Kinder today with Japanese rice balls with seaweed faces and quail eggs on the side!

  18. Ohh, Lizette’s sweedy reminds me of the characters from Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari — japanese video games that are popular in the US. You can see some of them here.

  19. I just bought one of those lunchboxes a couple of weeks ago, and I use it every day for work lunches. It is great!! Of course, I live in the U.S., so the postage wasn’t as much. 🙂

  20. Oddly enough I found Dooce orginally through YOU! When you did the illustrations for her story on Frey. I don’t know How I found your blog (long,long ago in net years) but I do know it was the first one on my favourite list and you never cease to be a creative inspiration 🙂

  21. Woah. Something tells me your normal blog visits skyrocketed? Thanks to Dooce, I found your blog 1.5 years ago and then entered the online crafting community. I am so thankful for the link! I was able to participate in the first Backtack because you mentioned it on your site and my interests have really changed since then. It’s like Seven Degrees of Loobylu.

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    I’ve been reading your blog for a year now (after stumbling across it from Karen Cheng’s site ), and I can’t wait until you make some new soft toys so that I can purchase one for my daughter (who is 9 months old). I love all of your handiwork!

  23. I live in the U.S. and I have those adorable postage stamps and I weigh the letter recipient before I put the stamp on. Does the mortgage company deserve Olivia or Fox in Socks? Does my city’s revenue division need my quarterly tax return stamped with a Wild Thing or Wilbur? I think they deserve the Very Hungry Caterpillar, myself.

  24. says:

    I love your site, and I also love Heather’s. Knowing you two are friends just makes the world a better place 🙂

  25. There are Maisy stamps and I wasn’t notified??? Off to the site now! 🙂 I’m surprised they’d make stamps with her, it’s so hard to find Maisy stuff here in the US.

  26. says:

    I absolutely love love love your toys! Please do let us know when your hiatus ends, or if you would be willing to sell your pattern.Congrats on the new baby.