Sleepless in Boganville

So now the insomnia starts.
Last night I woke at 1.30am and lay awake for well over three hours.

Last time I was pregnant this started happening in the last trimester, and it was annoying then – but now that a small but very snuggly, very wriggly child insists on hopping into bed with us at 5.30am and the other in utero child is practicing hard for a life time of medal winning calisthenics at the same time, I’m getting quite cranky.

The previous night I managed to get enough sleep to be able to deal with Kinder duty yesterday in an ok kind of way. I have never chopped up so much fresh fruit so fast in my entire life. The little kids were gorgeous and extra excited that day due to the impending visit from the Easter Bunny, so I had a lovely time. Mind you, after two hours I was absolutely and completely exhausted and have a strengthened respect for early childhood workers across the globe.

In my addled state, I came home and ate a packet of Samboy Salt and Vinegar Chips, four cold sausages and a Cherry Ripe. Big-P told me that I had just eaten a “bogan lunch”, though I pointed out that I had not even considered an ice-coffee Big-M, so it wasn’t entirely bogan. Unsurprisingly I didn’t feel so terribly well after this – perhaps a Big-M would have calmed my stomach so I can see the point after all.

Shortly after this pig-out, I went and had my eyebrows “styled” so now I look very surprised to go along with looking very pregnant – quite a fitting combination really. I am now 32 weeks and am beginning to look bulbous. People ask how much longer I have only to respond to my answer with “Really! Wow!” as in “Cripes, you are going to be MASSIVE!”.

In other far more exciting news, my friend Van, who recently took part in the Hudson show with me, has a new blog. She is one of the most talented and hard working people I know so it is an absolute pleasure to be able to start following the daily thoughts and ideas associated with her work and her life. Yey Van!

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18 Responses

  1. Eek! I’m right there with you I promise. I turn 33 weeks today and I’ve also been experiencing the insomnia and worse than that- temperature fluctuations! Blanket on, blanket off, comforter on, comforter off, lie on the left, lie on the right, pillow between the knees, under the knees, or on the floor?

  2. Whatever,Finally you wrote.
    I started liking your blog and I visit often by thinking you might have blogged today. 🙂

  3. Okay, that is so funny that I am up at 12:30 after tossing and turning in bed for a couple of hours reading your blog!! At least I am not the only pregnant woman who has this problem. The only thing is that I am only 22 weeks along!! I had hoped that this wouldn’t start till later!! LOL! Oh well, at least I have some good reading! 🙂

  4. my boy turned 1 on tuesday, but oh i remember those sleepless nights. reading this blog entry though is a good form of birthcontrol for when i get meloncholy to have more babies right now…

  5. ohhhh… cherry ripe *drool* those bogans know where it’s at!
    hope the snooze comes soon 🙂

  6. says:

    Wow, I feel for you, but man that was a HILARIOUS post! First, I thought Canadians were the only people who used “cripes”, plus that Wikipedia definition of this term ‘bogan’ is fantastic. I love it. I will commit to memory. 🙂

  7. Aww.. It sounds wonderful but at the same time I hope you get some sleep soon!! I like whineys site thank you for sharing it!

  8. Sorry you’re not sleeping well. And I really like your friend’s weblog. Very clean and neat.

  9. Let bogans, be bogans.

  10. Oh I knwo about the insomnia!! I had it with each pregnancy…..if ONLY i had known about the world of BLOGS then!!!! When I mentioned my insomnia people would usually say “Are you worried about the birth”……”NO I am only worried about NOT SLEEPING”. I am thinking of you.

  11. says:

    I really feel for you Claire! With my first baby I had insomnia so bad in the last month I did not sleep at all while it was night time. I would sit up all night making Xmas cards and thankyou notes (it was November) and then hop into bed as my husband got up to go to work. The bad thing was there was only Letterman and lots of crappy shopping channels on TV. But I sure was productive…hope it doesnt last long for you!!

  12. i am totally appropriating the word “bogan”. great post!

  13. That sounds like a perfectly delicious meal! I ate quite a few of those Smith’s salt & vinegar chips while in your neck of the woods …

  14. I have always wanted my eyebrows ‘styled’ – could you post before and after shots?

  15. I feel your pain about lack of sleep. Not because I am pregnant, but just because I can’t sleep at all >_<
    Also I like that you used the word bogan. Although I don’t know if I agree with that definition that it’s “working class”, I thought bogans didn’t work and that that was the point. Anyway, I’m sure your not a bogan until you’ve put in some serious time loitering around a train station.

  16. Not sleeping well truly sucks. I always try and just trust that eventually the universe will conpsire to help me sleep well again soon. That was a funny post too, you bogan!

  17. C – to you and yours have a wonderfully relaxing Easter… I loved your softies down at Hudson – we managed to get there the very last day… Get lots of sleep and relax when you can… LOL people can sometimes state the obvious tactlessly… Like – ‘your how pregnant???’ When I had my girls (long,long time ago!!!!)we wore HUGE flowing – meant to be concealing smocks -which made some of us look like ships in full sail… I mean what did they think we were trying to hide!!!! Take care and enjoy!!!!

  18. Thanks for reminding me of the Joys of Bogan-dom, which I have missed sorely since moving to London… I think the true bogan finish would have been the strawberry Big-M tho (iced coffee is too sophisticated). Hilarious!