Announcement of MOS December’s Theme

Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions for A Month of Softies theme for December. I have chosen one that I think is just perfect:
“Under the Tree”

Thank you Kerrie! She wrote in my comments:

“What about something like “under the tree” I can see softie presents, the gift wrapped versions or actual presents or taking a more natural view woodland animals and plants…”

In the end it came down to this one or “Fairy Tales” which was first suggested by Val in the MOS forum on flickr. Shall we make January’s theme Fairy Tales and announce it well in advance so that if you feel so inclined over the holiday season you can work on this one too?

The reason it came down to these two was apart from being quite inspiring, they are also non-specific when it comes to what holiday it is you might celebrate at this time of year nor does it require you to stitch up something that is totally bizarre for your climate as not everywhere has snow and freezing ice in December.

As you know, apart from a couple of fairly specific themes through out the year, I really like the themes that are open to imaginative interpretation, but are also not intimidating for first-timers. Perhaps if you are really set on the idea of snow and snowmen, you could incorporate it in the woodland part of the theme, or if you really want to make an ornament perhaps it could be one you hang from the lower most branches of the tree. I think there are lots of ways of interpreting this one.

So there you are! Thanks again Kerri for December, and Val for January. Good luck!

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6 Responses

  1. Good idea for December – very open. Reading what you wrote made me take a step back and see more than just one holiday; thanks. I’m really looking forward to Jan. I can only imagine the beautiful creations with a fairytale theme.

  2. Okay…so your bunnies (a couple posts back) are beautiful! Is there a pattern or does it belong to you?
    Btw, I’m brand new to your page and find it very inspiring:o)

  3. This sounds great! Count me in for December, love the January theme too. Think I better get busy.

  4. says:

    i’m going to do this one! as i read the title i knew exactly what to make…yay!

  5. A really excellent theme! Must start designing…..

  6. A really excellent theme! Must start designing…..