Christina's Shopping Tours Inc.

This morning I met Christina in Patchwork on Central Park for the beginning of a wild stash enhancement tour of Malvern and surrounds. I swear, Christina needs to start organised tours for fabric fiends and cake lovers alike. Mind you, due to the evil Atkins diet she could only smell the cakes and what kind of friend would I be if I bought a delicious danish and ate it front of her? Or worse, brought it home in her car so she would have the intoxicating smell of it in her upholstery forever. She also took me on an unplanned tour of the nearby back streets (we got lost) which meant we had to discuss how two girls with a penchant for dolls and sewing could possibly ever get rich enough to live in a gorgeous sprawling villa surrounded by picture perfect gardens. Of course, the answer was ‘not possible’ and we drove all the way to Spotlight where we stocked up on fake fuzzy fur and fluffy pom-pom noses.
We had a blast and I didn’t spend anything that I didn’t plan to spend and all of it is promised to projects which will be done in the short term. The only slight touch of excess was some pink slubby yarn from Marta’s which will make perfect (if not a little special) doll’s hair. So now I have stuff to make some (yes, more than one) Alices and some rabbits. If I can just get these cats finished then I am all set. I have two little dresses left which I should get done this afternoon.

The other exciting thing is that my pattern arrived from Stargazey and one of the two parcels of Amy Butler fabric arrived from the states. I am in fabric heaven today. I keep feeling guilty for spending money on all this stuff, but then I console myself with thinking that at least I am actually using it which is a lot more than I can say for many of my other past art/craft passions.

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    Hi Claire,
    Had a great time too, my fabric pile is looking very good!

    Im back up and about and just finished the first of the pom-poms, it needs trimming and looks big! I may end up with many spare poms at this rate*L*

    Cant stop thinking about cake, roll on March *L*



  3. Ooh, what did you get from Amy Butler? I cant wait to see it.. Her fabric is just gorgeous.

  4. Hi Claire,did you check out the link to Amy Buttlers studio on her site? What a great big studio, maybe you can get some inspiration from her?
    Check out: Amy Butler studio! I’d sure love a room like that!

    I’m looking forward to see all your new fabrics, dolls and projects!

    Go girl!

  5. Haha! Best of luck with the calico stage of your latest softie! We all have full faith in you. 🙂

  6. Hi Claire,I looked at Christina’s blog or whatever it is called. I love her artwork and want to get ahold of her. can you please email me Christina?

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    You may be interested in this-the quilts of gee’s bend exhibit:

  8. i just wanted to say that i am an unabashed cake fanatic.
    lately everywhere i read online and everyone is writing about cake, cake, cake!

    i picked a bad time to give up wheat!