Akira Isogawa and his beautiful dolls

Today I got in to Federation Square to see Akira Isogawa’s Printemps ñ …tÈ exhibition which was beautiful. The giant paper dolls and their corresponding garments were amazing in their sheer imagination and creativity, the accessories based on toy animals were fun and the the origami fabric pieces were subtle and breathtaking all at once. I have scanned a photo from the catalogue of one of the paper patterns used for making a complicated little origami shape in the middle of a piece of light calico.

How’s that for complicated? Perhaps I should make this the challenge for March’s Month of Softies… just kidding.

My favourite dress was this delicate thing (which looks a bit odd on this model but it quite lovely in the flesh – err, thread)

inspired by this collage that he made using a vintage paper doll:

I have a couple of cards with this doll on them and will be happy to send them to the first two people who leave me a comment.

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15 Responses

  1. That dress is so intricate – Akira’s stuff is amazing.

  2. Hooray! I’m the first! But please, feel free to send your doll to someone more deserving. I spent 25 mins yesterday wiping the DUST off my sewing machine so that I could hem a pair of trousers for a friend’s theatre production. I HEMMED them and it took me two hours and I had to summon up all my concentration to remember how to load the bobbin inot the machine.
    I am not worthy.

  3. I think I’m second … but I too do not feel deserving.

  4. Congratulations to Elissa and Jordan! I feel like a radio show.

  5. tbrodbnt@memphis.edu says:

    Elissa–i fixed MY bobbin problem last week…i got a new machine. I HATED my old one so much i can’t tell you.Claire-that scanned image was a PATTERN? i say again…a PATTERN?!?!??

  6. im fourth? hee.. anyhow, it’s a splendid looking card. =)

  7. wow – I love that card!

  8. stl.chiem@gmx.net says:

    I know this is going to be totally off topic, and I’m sorry Claire if I’m abusing your comments page, but I wanted to ask you about sewing machines since Elissa brought it up. I would like to buy a new old sewing machine, even a new new machine but I am a total newbie at it (read never laid hands on one). Should I take a few sewing courses before I even buy one? I just think I could experiment more at home with one of my own. Which one do you use, what are your experiences? How and where do you start? Unfortunately I have no mum, grandma or relative that I can inherit a sewing machine from.

  9. I love number 28 in the book, what a great look!

  10. u’re a very creative person 🙂

  11. I didn’t the work of Akira Isogawa. It’s really beautifull… And vintage paper dolls really fun too ! Thanks for sharing…

  12. wow simply amazing! I love the dressvery much ^^

  13. cswggns@mta.ca says:

    I love your webpage Claire. I have been following it since last summer & it is really exciting… it is a real break from my studies. Thank you!your canadian friend

  14. Wow. That show looks amazing!

  15. Uh…the dress looks alot like my dining room curtains…..