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We have just got back from seeing “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”. Brilliant. Wes Anderson is my favourite all-time movie maker and I am rushing out tomorrow to buy the soundtrack.
We move into our place a fortnight from today. I am so excited to be finally getting to use my studio. Here is the link to a live-journal community I found dedicated to people sharing photos of their studio spaces. Entirely inspiring. Here’s a photo of Big-P painting the studio at our place. Look at those floorboards! They were a lovely surprise buried under the musty carpet. We had them polished yesterday and now they look amazing.

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  1. says:

    Wow..those windows…for the perfect clarity we look for.It’s so relaxing, by just taking a shower of light while great ideas come*~*, enjoy it!

  2. Oh Claire! What a WONDERFUL studio space — so light, bright, and spacious!!! I have studio-envy! 🙂
    Hurrah for you guys — so wonderful. 🙂

  3. Loved AQUATIC LIFE. Andrea and I are extreme Wes Anderson fans (we were there in the beginning, man! We actually saw Bottle Rocket in the theaters…), and so we thoroughly enjoyed the film. Not the same as his previous efforts, but the more you see it, the better it gets. And incidentally, I loved Henry Selick’s stop-motion animation for all the aquatic creatures. Great surreal mood.
    And congrats to getting moved in! Best of luck to you, Claire.

  4. That space is amazing … i can only imagine what adorable things you will be making in there….. I just love looking at other peoples studios….it makes me think that i have no excuses when i see that some are just as pokey as mine

  5. Wow! Looks amazing, I am quite jealous…

  6. This is going to be a wonderful studio space, look at all that yummy light pouring through the enormous windows! Lucky, lucky about the wooden flooring, it looks beautiful!

  7. Wow, look at those windows. Gorgeous. I’m totally jealous…

  8. What a beautiful space! Those big windows are lovely. Thanks for the livejournal link, I’m planning on fixing up our study and turning it into a fully functional studio/study, so I’ve been getting a real kick out of looking at others’ studios (your last post on your studio really helped too!)

  9. wow that space is amazing..I’m inspired to get my mess together although it won’t be that beautiful ( no windows)

  10. Your house looks amazing. And it sounds like you’re getting so much done, already! We bought our first house in November and we still have bare rooms!

  11. Thanks for sharing Claire! I’ve been dying to know what your new home looks like. Also the studio spaces link is fabulous!! Enjoy your new home!

  12. says:

    MMmmmm how wonderful! A bright cheery place to create!I look forward to seeing it all come together.

  13. CONGRATS on the new house loobylu! wheee! i can’t wait to see what the studio’s gonna look like. i, too, loved steve zissou. bill murray reminds me of my dad. he’s sort of lovable, sort of a cad. fantastic art dirction, too. i can’t wait to get the dvd.

  14. Oooh, so spacious and gorgeous! I love the windows, they let so much life and light in!

  15. What lovely light you will have in that studio! And those floorboards! I can’t wait to see more photos.

  16. says:

    Wow Claire, that room looks amazing! So big airy and filled with light, the floor even looks lovely*L*

  17. I saw The Life Aquatic in January and have been waiting for Aussies to see it so I can integrate the term “part gay” into a sentence. Sad, I know.
    BTW, my mom called today to say she loved the pear pin cushion.

  18. says:

    Great room. Great size. I’m quite jealous. My husband and I are of the belief we all need our own private rooms/studios/sheds/workshops- whatever you want to call them. Cohabiting is one thing, and having creative space is another. Pure decadence really.

    Yes Life Aquatic is brilliant. Wes Anderson pure genius.
    Tried buying the soundtrack yesterday
    but was told it isn’t released here (Oz)yet. Hmmmmmm is this true?

  19. says:

    Am pleased you enjoyed Life Aquatic. I loved the blurring of documentary format, so as an audience you can’t quite tell what if you’re seeing Zissou’s doc or the ‘real’ film. Was most impressed by the portugese Bowie songs – just brilliant.You’re very lucking getting a place. My hub & I are living with my folks, trying to save a deposit!

  20. what a great find under the carpet, the floors are lovely, and all that light streaming in…how wonderful!

  21. It’s going to be a lovely studio! Look at all the light pouring in!