I have just put Amelia to bed with a temperature of 38.3°c. It was up at 38.8°c about an hour ago before I stripped her down and gave her some baby paracetamol. She seems quite cheerful but a little slow and a little grizzly. She and I went shopping for craft supplies to make toilet roll fairies this morning and at that stage I couldn’t understand why she really wasn’t interested when we sat down to glue and tape and cut and draw. We will have to try again when she’s feeling better. I know kids get sick and they get sick all the time but when it happens I always do what I have to do and then suddenly feel incredibly tired and heavy like I need a strong coffee or to crawl into bed. The stress caused by even such a minor incident seems to overwhelm me. Despite getting slower and slower as we approached lunchtime and nap time, she was so excited and proud to show Grandpa our lovely fairies when he got home.

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    Hi Claire, just wanted to say that I love your site (your dad told me about it a while ago.
    What a clever and gorgeous way to use up toilet rolls!

    Hope that Amelia is feeling better soon..

  2. what a great art project for the little one! wishes for amelia’s speedy recovery.

  3. Hope you’re both feeling better soon, Claire.

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    Hi Claire,I have never posted a comment here before but I just wanted to say that your site makes me happy 🙂 I only discovered it about a month or so ago (I googled ‘Patchwork on Central Park’ for some reason and found your site instead!) and it just makes me smile every time I visit. Thankyou! And I hope Amelia gets well soon… xx

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    First off, I love the winter theme. It reminded me of paper dolls and I have been making them with Beth ever since, except that now we are on to paper cars, paper flowers, paper babies….. I love the fairies too. Very cute. I am so with you Claire on the need for a good strong coffee or bed after you have settled your little one’s when they are unwell. Beth has been sick this week and after changing the sheets in every bed in the house at least twice, not to mention the pyjamas and resorting to putting the washing machine on to do them all at 3am, I could totally relate to what you are saying. Not that I would have it any other way, mind you. I’m off to visit that ebay site now. Ebay + me = financial disaster. Far too easy just to click and buy !!!!!!!

  6. Poor little baby bottom! I hope she feels better soon!

  7. They are lovely faries indeed!!

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    Poor Amelia! I know the feeling–yesterday evening, Alice spewed all over me. The enrgy used to get the puke cleaned up and her cleaned up and calmed down really took it out of me.

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    I know what you mean by feeling overwhelmed – I get like that when the kids get a cold…and then I wonder how I’d go if anything really serious happened(?!?)

  10. Hi ClaireWe’ll definitely be making these fairies! So cute.