Living in the 70s

It’s been a wild week. I think I have worked harder than I have ever worked in my life and I surprised myself to find that I was actually really enjoying it. We set out with the intention of painting the entire house, and managed to paint two bedrooms and my studio. This weekend brings more painty goodness.
I did manage to get my Month of Softies submission finished late last night – it’s nothing grand, but I quite like the direction it is setting for some more dolls along these same lines.

This is a self-portrait of me aged 5 circa 1977. I am wearing my orange gingham “BBQ dress” which was especially designated to days when sausages were consumed (as opposed to my zoo dress and library jumper). I am also sporting my door-step hair cut and cheeky grin.

I will be working on the gallery in spare moments over the next few days, so don’t be surprised if there is a small delay. We had oodles of entries – not as many as previous months but more than I expected so thank you so much to everyone who managed to tackle the tricky topic. This month’s theme is much easier – hopefully much more inclusive. The theme is “Recycled Monster Action”. Obviously the idea is to make some kind of monster but the catch is that it should be made from as much recycled stuff as possible. Now is the time to raid your closet and use all the old clothes you can bear to chop up.

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14 Responses

  1. Loving the BBQ dress, i could do with one of those now 😀

  2. Interesting concepts of BBQ dress and library jumper etc! No wonder you are so creative now! Now I will find this month – April – a challenge! (But looking forward to it just the same!)
    Good luck with the house tasks!

  3. I love the idea of recycled items! Actually, this kind of goes along with my self portrait doll. 🙂
    Hope the move is going well…I can relate. We just got a new roof and boy is everything a mess!

    Hope all is well,

  4. Thank you so much for still taking the time to indulge all of us who have grown so fond of your MOS challenges! I love the next challenge, my little guy and I will have lots of fun with that!

  5. says:

    You made it back to your computer! *L* What other clothes occassions did you have? Thanks for making the time to keep up with softies too.

  6. She’s a cutie! You are one busy gal, how do you keep up with it all? I am continually impressed!

  7. Adorable doll, and love next month’s theme! Good luck with the house adventure!

  8. It’s kinda difficult to do your art and work on the house, isn’t it! We’ve been working on our floors and walls since moving in about a month ago. Not enough art time is squeezed in to my liking.

  9. i can smell the charcoal!
    I am very excited about next months idea. maybe a neck tie monster…hmmmm!

  10. I’m impressed you got so much done in a week. It took me and k-girl the better half of two months to paint our entrance and hall. The thing that took the most time was choosing the paint colour. We could now paint our entire house with the sample pots we bought.

  11. Adorable doll! The librarian in me loves that you had clothing especially for the library 🙂 April’s theme sounds wonderful, ideas are already brewing!

  12. Hi,
    your blog is absolutely stunning. Especially love the concept of the softies. Beautiful work 🙂

  13. says:

    Love your blog and the doll. The eyes on your doll are almost exactly like those of a doll my mother made me when I was a girl. It came from a book with directions for a knitted doll family. The clothes were knit and sewn. The dolls’ names were Marjorie and Sebastian, and the baby was Doreen. It was a British book. I would love to find this book again, if anyone knows the title.
    BTW thanks for inpsiring me to get back to crafting!

  14. SO jazzed by the April Softie theme. I love me some recycling…