For the birds

The Month of Softies gallery for March is now up for your enjoyment. Once again, if I have messed up your entry, spelt your name incorrectly or missed you out completely. please let me know and I will change it as soon as possible.
Mum, Amelia and I had an exhausting trip to IKEA this morning. Mum bought Amelia a beautiful cushion for her new room. She has a little corner in the sitting room here which she calls her “book-nook” – a place to take her books and read them hidden behind a chair. We are going to make her a book-nook in her room when we move and this cushion is a good start. I found some curtains that I really loved – a kind of muslin, cheese cloth fabric with little red flowers roughly screen printed on to it. They were $65 for the pair which I thought was way too steep so we walked away. But I did that thing of panicking half way towards the exit – what if I might regret it? What if they really are as lovely as I thought they were? So I dashed back to see if they had any in stock, only to find that they had been discontinued and the ones hanging were the last pair in existence. I was lucky enough to pick them up (already hemmed) for $10! Whee! They will look pretty in our room which has a bright crazy aqua feature wall, which goes by the lovely name Bird Haven.

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8 Responses

  1. Bargain on the curtains – we’ve got a pair of those, and I think we probably forked out the $65.

  2. Sounds gorgeous! It will be a good day when IKEA is here in Adelaide :+)… I remember I liked being in a nook to read when I was a littley too.

  3. says:

    Oh IKEA rocks!! I had the pleasure of working there for four years and had a house full of the stuff..I still go there (especially now there is a MASSIVE store at Rhodes in Sydney)..and I love picking up a bargain. Reading nooks are great..Both my little ones love to get into their beanbags and read for hours…even though they cant actually “read” yet!!! And its a great excuse for me to lay down too and re-read those favourites from my childhood. It sounds like you are having a ball Claire!!!

  4. Thanks again for the Month of Softies Claire. I was a bit surprised that some people sturuggled with it, because I thought it was lots of fun. ( I got to dress a girl!!Even if it was just a doll). I still haven’t been to the new IKEA in Richmond, but with the 3 little boys and husband in tow I’m not sure how fun it would be!I think books are brilliant. My husband is studying Children’s Literature at Melbourne Uni. Unfortunately most days my 2 and 5 year olds room has a book floor!!At least they are enjoying books though, right?

  5. I love the pretty bird~!

  6. I really loved the March topic – I too thought it was really easy. Now cutting up my beloved old clothes is what I call a challenge!! Thanks again for hosting the fun Claire, a huge commitment from you during such a busy time and much appreciated.

  7. says:

    claire i think youre too creative to shop at ikea!
    i find ikea a little too sterile however some clever storage solutions

  8. You definitely need to paint the cute birdy on the feature wall. Even just in a hidden corner. I love it when artists art spills out onto their walls (I personally cannot wait to have my own house to paint it my own crazy colours and have unlimited mural painting opurtunities in).