In which I talk about whiskey and yarn

I went into Brunswick and handed in my folio this morning, came home and did some dishes, then Special-K came over for lunch and brought along an enormous chocolate cake, and then Suze and the kids came over for a play in the park. “Busy Day!!” Amelia said (as usual) as I tucked her into bed tonight, which today I had to agree with.
Tomorrow is the final class for the term of Amelia’s Mini Maestros music class. She usually goes along every Tuesday with my mum but as it’s a break up class, I am going too and Amelia has a special new dancing skirt adorned with ribbons and flowers to wear for the occasion. She’s been wearing it all weekend and dances around in it with a huge amount of enthusiasm but not much grace.

After the class we are going to visit Marta’s Yarns for a little stash enhancement. This afternoon Suzette showed me some of her lovely purchases from there and now I am really inspired. I have all these small projects on the boil and not enough appropriate yarn. I am really very inspired by Georgia’s sweet interpretation of the kittyville hat over at On My Mind and think that Marta’s might have something that will work well.

A few nights ago my parents had a friend over for dinner and opened a very expensive bottle of single malt whiskey which they delicately poured into glasses with equal parts water and sipped with great excitement. The discussion that ensued was intense. Comparisons were made, lips were smacked, tongues were rolled and more thoughts were offered on the flavours and subtleties. Eventually, not being a keen whiskey sipper, I excused myself and retired to the couch and the knitting project of the moment. It occurred to me that sitting there listening to this conversation must be very much what it would be like to attend a stitch ‘n bitch meeting with no interest in knitting. Special-K was exposed to a little of this this afternoon as I oohed and ahhed over the stuff from Marta’s — I hope she didn’t mind too much. She probably would have preferred some of that single malt whiskey.

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  1. says:

    I think you will like this site

    VERY cute!!! Fabrics and dolls

  2. In reference to the devil hat you mentioned in the previous post, I must tell you that it is VERY easy. It was my first project ever, and I completed it two weeks before my son was born. He couldn’t wear it that first winter (too big) but it’s been perfect for his first birthday. If you want to see it (I’m sorry about the model):

  3. You’ve got the knitting bug good, haven’t you, Claire? Including the lingo, ‘stash enhancement’ made me smile. Congratulations on finishing the portfolio, and I look forward to seeing more results from the knitting goodness.

  4. says:

    I can remember you wrote a while back that you were frustrated about reprodepot not shipping internationally any more. I think I may have finally found a way to get around this.
    Check out

  5. That devil hat is the absolute cutest thing! I’d pay someone to make it for me! (i’m not a knitter – i don’t think i could even remember how to cast on these days)

  6. says:

    hoo hah