Folio tales of joy and woe

Another day spent getting my folio together but now it’s all done and bundled and ready to go… all in time for some Sunday night knitting and TV.
There were a few important lessons I learnt today – one was that buying the cheapest folio at Office Works is a bad idea as it makes everything that’s being presented look just a little bit more shabby. Also it’s important not to plan to make a fancy dinner for Amelia followed by a separate fancy dinner for the rest of the family when there is a lot of other stuff to get done… But my most important lesson for today was that after washing ink / fabric samples in the washing machine (in an experiment to see how heat setting works and what happens when you don’t heat set the ink) it is of utmost importance to run at least two empty cycles with soap through the machine before doing any normal washing – especially if this normal washing involves Big-P’s predominately white work shirts. Yep. Hmm.

But moving right along, here is a little bag that I have made out of one of my screen print projects. I didn’t really like the design of the print but, as I have no choice but to hand it in in some form, I decided to cut it up and put the bit I do quite like on the front and the bit I really don’t like on the back. This is the front:

There is a more detailed photo of the screen print here. And this is the back:

I have had a self imposed knitting ban for the last week since finishing the Boot Camp Cardigan and the pink beanie in order to get my school work done but now that it’s done I have to decide which new project to jump into. There is of course the Bag of Wonder but I am keen to try the Kittyville hat from Stitch ‘n Bitch, as I don’t have a warm winter hat and it’s getting colder and colder around here. My sister-in-law knitted the lil’ devil hat for her little boy and assures me that it’s really quite easy and only took a day or two, so I might give the adult’s version a go.

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24 Responses

  1. sometimes I wonder if I’m a masochist for reading this blog. Because I am forever simultaneously awed by your talent and crushed by my lack of it.
    The bag, the print, is divine.

  2. says:

    Very beautiful! You have a talent for screen printing – I wouldn’t be surprised if you took it further into a line 🙂 Very, very, beautiful!

  3. says:

    I Love that bag !! It has become my “bag of wonder”. Well done. And hindsight is a wonderful thing. Why do we try and cram the impossible into one day?

  4. I love the birdy print – if I saw that bag in a store, I’d buy it in a flash.

  5. Ooh, I *really* like that bag. Congratulations!

  6. I like the front and the back. The bag is beautiful.

  7. says:

    Just wondering… are you ever planning to sell your screen print creations? I know you’d have a market … !

  8. says:

    I can relate to the washing disaster – happens to me all the time…have you tried the “dye run remover” from the supermarket? Also the Colour Catcher tissues work a treat for your normal clothes washes…

  9. You should set up a screen print bag store! I’d buy them!

  10. I’d buy one too! Maybe more than one. That’s gorgeous! The bag of my dreams 🙂

  11. Oh your silkscreening is wonderful! you’ll get an A for sure :)Your a natural!

  12. says:

    i’d buy your gorgeous bag in a heartbeat!maybe this is your calling: illustration and crafts all in one tasty, adorable package.
    good luck with the official grade: it’s clearly already an A+ from your blog audience!!!

  13. Claire, I actually like the back (with the characters) better than the front. I, too, would buy one in a snap…I guess you have found a new source of income, if you should want one.

  14. says:

    That bag is ace!

  15. it’s already been said… but i heart the bag too

  16. thanks! I am quite happy with the bag considering at the time of printing I was so disappointed. I was hoping to make a sun hat out of it and it just was’t going to work as that. I have another design that I printed that I am going to turn in to a few bags which will be for sale in a few week’s time.

  17. Fantastic bag. I too like the back better than the front.
    That lil devil’s hat is just gorgeous! If you do get around to the Kittyville one, I’d love to see it.

  18. says:

    Claire, do us a favor and sell bags like that so we can all get some yummy Loobyluciousness.

  19. I love the bag – it reminded me of Hansel & Gretel and I thought it would make a simply brilliant bread market basket —
    I would stencil the words *Bread Crumbs* on mine and take it to the bakery on Tuesdays.

  20. I would totally buy one of these bags, too. Gorgeous. You really should set something up, sell them on e-bay or something. Am very jealous, wish I had that talent.

  21. cute bag! love the kids, and the bird pattern. are you going to open the loobylu store again? (claire’s mugs, cards and now..bags!)

  22. says:

    Me too [or 22d]…I love the bag as well. Open a store!!

  23. OMG, I have to buy those bags!!! 🙂