In the last week or so Amelia has taken a shine to hats. I like to think it was inspired by the pink beanie I knitted her but, regardless, it’s quite a passion and she has been pulling all sorts of odd hats of Mum and Dad’s out of the cupboard and parading around in them. She has also found a strange collection of her old baby hats which are now just a little bit too small for her 97th percentile head but she loves them all anyway. Over at Kylie’s knitting site, there is a photo I took of Amelia in her high-chair the other day wearing a small red beanie that Kylie gave her as a wee babe in 2002. It’s quite a historic piece as it’s one of Kylie’s first projects and I am pleased that Amelia is sporting it again so proudly.

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9 Responses

  1. My son, Adam, (who is now 20) also loved to wear hats for a while in toddlerhood. We had some wonderful photos taken of him in his collection of hats…and they are still favorites of ours today.

  2. Hats rock.. I still have thing for them 🙂

  3. susannemetso@hotmail.com says:

    So cute !! My daughter Gabriella (3 in september) has a thing for hats as well. And now when it’s summer here in Sweden, she wants to walk around in a knitted cap u wear in winter!! But I let her, she takes it off if it’s to hot ;P How old is Amelia ?

  4. Such a beautiful little girl!

  5. get her a feather boa and some heels asap and play dress up.
    A fireman hat and homemade astronaut hat is good too and lets her know she is not only beautiful but brave and brainy.

    These are the best years most true.

  6. what style she’s developing! very cute. i think knit caps are much more endearing than pink jelly shoes (my younger sisters addiction that developed around the age of two)…

  7. i think our girlies are close in age! mine is 15 months and she has a thing for shoes. she chooses the ones she wants each morning. so cute!

  8. looloop@hotmail.com says:

    Has she discovered the delights of tea-cosies yet?

  9. your little amelia is sooo cute!