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Ahh! It’s happened! I have had my first “gosh darn it, it must be in storage!” experience. My sketch book full of wondrous clippings and ideas is no where to be found so I can only hope that it made it into a storage box and not into one of the rubbish bags.
I am waiting for Amelia J to wake up so that I can feed her lunch – amazing vegetable soup followed by a slice of cantelope. That girl eats well and has the chubby thighs and the sparkle in her eyes to prove it. I am not eating so well – lots of chocolate and treats and too much toast and not enough greens. I have lost so much weight due to the breast feeding over the last 9 months that I have stopped even thinking about what I eat. The more the better is my only food thought these days. But I think I am needing an energy boost. I am tired a lot and maybe it’s just the jet lag thing hanging around (as it tends to do) and the weird feeling of being launched back into the middle of a chilly melbourne winter, but I just want to cuddle up in front of the heater and turn the pages of the Order of the Phoenix and open another bag of m & ms.

Some links:
Photoblog your life this September 11 (via Heather)
Why Girls Are Weird : A NovelPamie’s novel is out. (via marrije) Here’s an excerpt.
Melbourne Blogs is up and happening – if you live in Melbourne be sure to check it out and join up.

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  1. hey claire
    i am getting that way too. who knows if it’s thyroid or post p depression or even jet lag. i just know that when my son is down for his nap it is down time for me to sit back and relax. i relish the m&m eating momments while reading a good book in complete silence.

    perhaps it’s more a little of getting to know us time and trying to eat right just takes more effort than we want to give at the momment.

    whatever it is, you are clearly raising a beautiful healthy amd happy child and i figure we will get to oursleves soon – just after i finish off these jellybeans…

  2. says:

    What’s the saying “long time listener, first time caller”, well thats me. Being a Brisvegas boy (terrible term) I was a little bemused at the cantaloupe! I thought they were rockmelons. But according to the Macquarie dictionary they were first grown on the Pope’s estate, Cantalupo, so they must be cantaloupes. Will definitely mention the breastfeeding = weight loss connection to my wife. Probably get a slap around the head, but I am only looking out for her best interests, don’t you know.

  3. Can’t think of anything better than cuddling up by the fire reading a good book, especially as a jetlag cure. Order of the Phoneix was addictive, i juust couldn’t settle properly into anything until I finished it. I even got up at on a Sunday morning to finish it, so I could do other stuff with my day. Now that’s dedication.

  4. Oh! The cover for “Why Girls Are Weird” was designed not 10 feet from where I am sitting…and I never made the connection that it was Pamie’s book! I feel so silly. I’ll go and grab a copy and read it right away.
    On another note, I’m now considering breast feeding in effort to lose some weight. Unfortunately, I don’t have a baby…so I might get some weird looks. We’ll see. thanks for the tip! 😉

  5. HPV was terrific. I was addicted as well. I finally finished it my first night away on vacation – I sat in the bath until it was done.
    Good to hear that breast feeding = weight loss! I too have no child at this point – but someday that’ll come in handy.

  6. Hi Claire- You may need to schedule your own meals- just like AJ’s. Even getting prepared salads and maybe some great multi-vitemins will help. You MUST take care of yourself- because everyone else rely’s on you to care for them. 🙂

  7. says:

    If you are feeling really poorly and run-down, get your doctor to check your thyroid levels (all of them). Kate is 15 months now and I went through a similar-sounding thing and have just been diagnosed with low thyroid function–and there’s more, but hopefully it’s just delayed jet lag! And what Vikki said, too!!

  8. yes- post p depression struck me as something to check into, too. Just know, we all go thru it- everyone else comes first… take care, sweetie- we all are here for you!

  9. Get some iron and v.C & B into you for a pickmeup. Iron should help with the tiredness and C helps you absorb the Iron.
    It was good to see that you were’t leaving Loobylu neglected without good reason too!

  10. says:

    Good for feeding Mums:Tigers Milk.2 tsp brewers yeast,
    1 egg,
    600mls milk
    1-1 1/2 bananas,
    1 Tbsp Complan.

    Blend together. Drink one glass with every feed for 3 days then break24 hours. Then start again

  11. says:

    You could listen to the audio version of the HP book. I liked to listen to them when my hands are otherwise occupied, and I thought the audio was awesome. I think they kind of add to the book — especially if you, like me, tend to fast-forward to the action parts!

  12. I stumbled upon a children’s book called “Spiderwick Chronicles” (it’s a five-book series) while browsing near a Harry Potter display. I flipped through it and ended up buying both the first and second book. I really enjoyed it. Lots of nice illustrations.