Flower power

Amelia J is much better. She had a slightly disturbed night but after sleeping in until 7.30am (bliss!) she had a very cheerful low temperature day. Thank goodness. She even didn’t mind a quick foray to IKEA where I picked up some relatively cheap linen to print on next week. I, however, spent most of the day feeling pretty slow and don’t blame her for not getting enthused by our fairy making activities yesterday if this is how she felt.
I am still waiting for my wool to arrive from Bendigo to finish off the Boot Camp Cardigan so in the mean time I decided to give that Rowan Junior flower a try. While watching the wonderful Spirited Away on dvd last night I puzzled over the instructions. Mum, my resident knitting expert, is away for the weekend so I had to work out “K 1 and slip this stitch back onto the left needle, lift next 8 stitches on left needle over this st and off needle, (yfwd) twice, then K the same st again.” It all made sense to me except the yarn forward twice bit… twice? Which bit should I have done twice?? How can you drop 8 stitches over and off twice? So I ignored that bit and it didn’t seem to matter because I ended up with a perfectly lovely little knit flower.

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8 Responses

  1. Hey, that’s fantastic, Claire! What a great flower, and first go too. Very, very well done!

  2. huzzah for having the courage to ignore tricky patterns! it’s gorgeous… you should knit a nice bag to attach it to, or perhaps a bucket hat.

  3. A lovely little knit flower indeed! I had the same problem when I first knitted that flower. I can’t remember how I figured it all out…but in the end, I did and I ended up with a flower that was very similar to the picture in the book.

  4. The knit flower looks delicious enough to eat!

  5. hill0801@yahoo.com says:

    Where can I get a pattern for that flower? I just love it!

  6. reidfamily@pacific.net.au says:

    Me too ! I love it and I have some boot camp knitting myself that needs a bit of flowering up.