Finger lickin'

Amelia J crawled properly (all be it very awkwardly) for the first time yesterday! She has been trying it rather tentatively ever since. It’s a sight to behold; rolling, tumbling, legs go every which way and she often ends with a dramatic face plant. Go girl!
Also, thanks to Ada, I have found a web site featuring the some of the recipes and the books of children’s nutrition specialist Annabel Karmel. I have an Annabel Karmel book (the only cook book I didn’t put into storage) and am slowly working my way through it trying almost everything out on Amelia. The current hot favourite is Chicken and Apple Balls which Amelia will try and eat all at once in one big mouthful.

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12 Responses

  1. Your illustations are so charming! They really bring such clarity to your words!

  2. woo.. those chicken and apple balls look SO good.

  3. says:

    ohmy… I’m the first to post! love the chubby cheeks ;o)

  4. says:

    go Amelia! Go Claire, nothing will be safe on the floor from now on!

  5. says:

    thanks for the link to the recipes and books. she has a lovely site and amelia looks adorable in your illo.

  6. Another simply adorable illy.
    Go amelia, go amelia, go girlfriend….

    And thanks to Claire and Vikki I’ve got the beginnings of a blog…

  7. I had a look at the cooking website and realised that this recipe is basically all my son eats – appropriately called “hidden vegies”! I will now try the chicken balls and see if I can’t hide some veggies in them as well!

  8. i love that illustration so so much<3

  9. says:

    This is such cool site!

  10. awww… i feel all warm and fuzzy! 🙂

  11. says:

    Do you have illustration books for kids? Your drawings are just amazing and I thought it would be perfect to be in children’s books.