Book wishes

My Amazon wishlist continues to grow and grow and split at the seams. I have just added J Otto Seibold’s Alice in Wonderland which looks suitably wacked-out. There are some great things to explore on Scholastic’s Alice page. Make sure you click on the “Visit Alice in Wonderland!” link under the picture of the book cover.
While I was looking at it on Amazon I also noticed Lane Smith’s The Happy Hocky Family Moves to the Country! and although you can see a big version of the cover, there are no sample pages unfortunately. On the strength of the cover alone, it got added to the list.

Also, I updated my about page for November. Be sure to visit some of those links.

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15 Responses

  1. I have both the Alice in Wonderland and The Happy Hocky Family Moves to the Country. Based on your illustration style you should love both.

  2. says:

    Claire,A couple of years ago there was a profile of Denyse Schmidt in Martha Stewart Living magazine. (Eeek that outs me as a Marthaphile!) At the time I thought just how interesting and creative her quilts were. Thanks for the link!

  3. I think we could all go a little bezerk on Amazon if we had the chance!

  4. says:

    Oooh! The Happy Hockey Family!
    ~”What is’TOYS’?” we ask. “We do not know what that word means.” Cousin Stinky has left. We like our toys.~

    My husband has this book and I asked if we could take it with us from Melbourne to the U.S. to show my family, but he doesn’t want anything to happen to it, so we’ll have to look out for it at Borders while we’re there over the holidays.

    lol..and speaking of Martha..I always proclaim that she’s evil in a control-freak-perfectionist way, yet I can’t wait to get my hands on the ‘Living’ mags my Mom has saved up for me the past year. Maybe I just admire the work of her art student slaves…’cept for them freaky baby-head thumbtacks! YIKES.

  5. I LOVE J. Otto and I collect Alice in Wonderland things. Added to my wish list! (The Happy Hockey Family Moves to the Country is already on it… Lane Smith is a favorite.)

  6. J. Otto Seibold will be at Storyopolis next Saturday to celebrate the release of his new book. Those who can’t go may want to order autographed copies instead.

  7. I just bought the J.Otto + Alice in Wonderland pop-up book at the MOMA in San Francisco for my son. It is really, really cool. Highly recommended.

  8. Hilarious!I have just discovered Carson Ellis art myself. I love her Russion doll design from The Wurst Gallery:

  9. I visited the about November page, and the photo of you and Amelia J. is lovely!!!

  10. Thanks for the tips! “The Happy Hocky Family” has long been a favorite of mine, as well as the J.Otto collection. Good to know I’m not the only semi-adult collecting kids’ books for myself.

  11. Hi Claire,
    You were not joking about the trying part regarding your e-mail address. It does not work 🙁

    I just wanted to thank you very much for giving me the courage to go back to writing again, and to ask your permision to link your site to mine.

    A simple yes or no answer will do.

    Thank you again and all the best,


  12. Hey, I have that Alice pop-up book.It is totally wacked-out

    Delicate too.

  13. i saw your alice in wonderland but Otto in a bookshop in st kilda. cosmos…. thought you’d want to know

  14. Hi Claire,
    If you think your wish list is unwieldy, try mine — weighing in at nearly 1000 items.

    With an added six or so from perusing your list. Hehe.

    PS… I love the Gee’s Bend quilts, and didn’t know about the biography… so that made me happy!