Yesterday we crossed a new threshold. As Suzette came to pick up Jasmine in the late afternoon both our little girls ran through the house squealing in joy and excitement. Suzette looked at me with the deadpan expression that she does so well and with slightly raised eyebrows said “squealing girls?!” and we both stood there seeing into our future – years and years of squealing little girls. How did they suddenly become little girls and not little babies? Did I blink?

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  1. so true! I have a 5 y.o. and theres a LOT of squealing:)

  2. Someone left a comment on my site yesterday that said Don’t Blink! That’s exactly how I feel, they grow up so fast don’t they!?

  3. That’s too sweet for words! I totally see this in my two daughters (3 and almost 2). I hope they’ll grow to be close in spirit as well as age. It’s so good to have a dear friend (whether your sister or sister of the heart).

  4. I love reading your blog! You are such a special person! Thank you!

  5. The squealing girls bit made me smile at just the right moment. Thank you.

  6. i can kind of understand. i’ve helped raise my sisters (they’re 10 and 11 years younger than me, i’m almost 21) and i wonder where the time went…
    i just stumbled across your website and love it!! love all of the little pics, too! 🙂

  7. i know it doesn’t take long does it? my little chubby baby boy is now a boofy boy, and my little cherub girl is a squealer too!

  8. You’ve captured that moment so well!

  9. says:

    Ahh! Squealing girls. It brings back plenty of great memories. You’re right Claire you were seeing the future! Good on ya! you were also seeing the present. Mix it with a few tears and you’re set! Girls are wonderful.

  10. My baby boy turns 5 in 2 months, and I swear it’s gone by in a heartbeat! I miss his babyness, but I love the boy that he is becoming, and the fact that his mummy is still the love of his life, and that daddy can fix ANYthing!

  11. Aye carramba! I remember that squealing girl sound!

  12. says:

    I have an almost 17yr and almost 15 yr old girls – squealing has been a very large part of our background noise over the years. Just this last week, I realized that the little girl next door is graduating- GRADUATING from high school. Which means that essentially she is now a living, breathing *adult*. Which will be my baby in two years. How did THAT happen?!?

  13. Oh, what a moment… joyous yet it kind of tugs at your heartstrings at the same time. How wonderful the girls are so happy, yet it makes you realize how fast time flies by.

  14. My little girl is actually taller than me and I don’t think it will take much more than a couple of months before I officially will become the shortest one in my family. Time flies so it’s good to enjoy as much as you possible can!!

  15. at some point (and I don’t remember exactly when), I looked at ava and realized that she was a little girl. not a baby or a toddler but a GIRL. it was such a bittersweet moment that came so quickly (and seemingly out of the blue) and so I know exactly how you feel.

  16. Just wait, it gets better. I have three daughters and we have had many many full-house giggle fests with them and all of their friends. It’s admittedly a little hard on my DH sometimes but I think it’s great and so do the girls. You will too!

  17. My daughter tossed her rag doll down on the floor and covered it with a blanket and then layed down next to it pretending to sleep, and insisted I do the same. I’m definitely the father of a girl.