Two sets of amazing eye lashes

Amelia J and her lovely father.

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24 Responses

  1. says:

    Just wanted to say that you have a really cute baby. =)

  2. sweet cheezus, that’s a cute baby!

  3. You’re hubby’s quite a looker 🙂

  4. i concur – you’re all gorgeous!

  5. Awwww, she’s simply adorable! 😀

  6. Just gorgeous. More baby photos please!

  7. says:

    Yep, she’s a sweetie!!I can just picture her blinky-eyes when bushy-tailed puppies are around! Sounds it makes you guys laugh.

  8. very very gerber baby 😉
    so beautiful!

  9. says:

    Why can’t a have eyes/eyelashes like that? She’ll never need mascara….

  10. oohhhh she has grown sooo much now!! she’s starting to look like you with her lovely big eyes.

  11. says:

    She’s gorgeous!

  12. Oh, she’s simply too precious! 😀
    I’ll pray someday I get a daughter as pretty as AJ.

  13. congratulations claire, she is so beautiful. she looks very thoughtful and wise as well.

  14. by the way – with those gorgeous cheeks… is she teething yet?

  15. She is the most beautiful little girl Claire…..makes me want a wee girl of my own (shhhh, don’t tell my husband)

  16. 😀 What sensational eyelashes! My fiance has some that are much the same: I’ll find out in 4 weeks or so whether our daughter’s inherited them (the lucky thing!). Beautiful, beautiful.

  17. says:

    i wish i had a baby and some sunny weather.ooh by the way youre baby is gorgeous

  18. hey claire, just wonderin’..did you ever consider selling Amelia’s photo to a baby/toddler calendar publisher? She’s soooo cute!!! I love her eyes! And her cheeks!!!

  19. Wow…Amelia is just so precious!!!!! You have such a sweet little family! 🙂