This month, being May, I am into…

I have updated my “about” page for May. I am curious to know what you are into this month.

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  1. oooh, those ramekins are pretty!
    Okay, for May:
    I’m into the travel channel, cooking, warm weather, tulips, palm trees, wanting to take a trip to the beach, and looking forward to my 21st bday.

  2. says:

    Rice Chex, hand-quilting a quilt for my mom, scrapbooking (as always), NOT wearing a jacket anymore since it’s spring, and developing a Grad School Plan.

  3. says:

    In the month of May I am into,reading more,perfecting my cartoons,Tori Amos,watching The Panel,learning about structure,the many smells of Autumn & my warm blankets @ night : )

  4. Well, this month will consist of studying and exams. And stress and worry. The last week will be spend feeling very relieved that it’s all over.

  5. taking pictures of sunsets, swimming!! (since it summer here over the northern hemisphere), Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Norah Jones, Zwan and a nice cup of cocoa. 🙂

  6. Loobylu, this month I am into:looking for the small, pleasant things in life; making packet muffins; singing along to The Whitlams; waiting for the new Harry Potter book; and doing my assignments for art school.

  7. Hey Loobylu!This month I am into:
    getting into the homestretch on my needlepoint pillow, finishing my folio site, watching the baby squirrels in the tree outside, riding the Montauk Century, and putting together an illustration folio.

  8. My May: studying for the CFA exam on May 31, making lots of bread pudding and other custardy goodies, buying our first house, and looking forward to my first pedicure of the season!

  9. Hmmm. Well, tomorrow I am into my BIRTHDAY. Tomorrow I will also discover whether I have successfully bought a house (also featured on – that most time-sucking of sites). During May I will be into cleaning out my junk, restoring my Humber, catching up with people, eating yummy food and paying more attention at work (well, trying to). Maybe I can aim toward getting a massage?

  10. Posted mine here as well.
    t-strap shoes, Eileen Farrell, 24, The SEED Handbook, Atkins, Ginger Altoids, fresh tulips, “Expotitions”, jewelry making, Fishs Eddy dishes, Popcorn Indiana, Second-hand books, a brand new Moleskine, developing creative excuses for skipping the 10-year reuinion.

  11. This month I am into: The Manor House on PBS,, creating a meditation space, spring cleaning, spring shopping, bunny rabbits, flowers and Special K with stawberries

  12. Those Martin Boyd ramekins are gorgeous!
    -Well my newest obsession is 120 cameras and box cameras with top viewers. I’m addicted to that top viewer. Already bought 6 cameras in the last month.
    -My gardens, my new community garden plots and my tomato seedlings.
    -Taking pictures. Can’t go outside with less then three cameras. Currently taking at least several hundred a week.
    -walks on the railroad tracks
    -carnivorous plants
    -my secret journal/online sketchbook. I care to update this more than my other sites right now.

  13. says:

    This month, I am into oatmeal w/warm milk and maple syrup, blue-sky Ohio days, and reading lots of children’s fantasy in a desparate attempt to keep my sanity until the next HP book comes out… 🙂

  14. This month I am into: knitting long scarves, books on writing, the Gilmore Girls, capris and strappy tank tops, flip flops, hyacinths, and waiting not-so-patiently for summer to arrive!

  15. says:

    Hi, this month I am into my birthday, making Terry Frost-inspired collages, my new yoga class, tulips on my desk at work, Green and Black’s chocolate.

  16. says:

    May is for… enjoying the sunny, breezy mornings before it gets too hot, looking for a really good pair of shoes that I can walk in all day without tiring, reading travel books about Sweden and daydreaming about going on holiday.

  17. Hi Claire! This month I am into: finising up my MA degree, wearing a silly graduation outfit, taking lots of trips, finishing my first knitted sweater, wearing sneakers, going to the movies, finding a new place to live in Boston, and, believe it or not, eating vegemite & butter on bread (I made a new Australian friend who turned me on to it!). Good luck with your house hunting, and I’m sending a kiss to Amelia J.

  18. hi clare, this month, i’m into: my new Lomo camera and taking more pictures, rollercoasters, telling my mom I love her, sewing a batik pouch, sandals, and lots of sun.Good luck with the househunting!

  19. This month, I am deeply obsessed with my new and gleaming mop of screaming red hair, cheering the blossoming of cherry trees 9and apple tees and pear trees and magnolias too), graham crackers and apricot dotted rice pudding with just a hint of cardamom, old Joesph DeMers illustrations, tulips, tulips, tulips, red striped t-shirts and strappy sandals, Anja Kroencke illustrations and making a Keri Smith Wishing Jar. and as always, the charming adventures of Loobylu.

  20. and did i mention the tulips?! May is all about the tulips!

  21. this month, i’m into: rediscovering istanbul, taking pictures, playing with my baby niece, designing my website, garden and mixed blue-eyed daisies

  22. Molly rolling over (both ways!) and eating people food (if a bit mushy) and sitting up (almost).
    Fresh onions from the garden, and coming soon: Tomatoes!

    Painting the dining room (Ralph Lauren Manila Yellow)

    New plastic flowerpots from Ikea

  23. This month I am into trying to adjust to my new full-time job work schedule, sleeping, and making long to-do lists.

  24. For May I am into:Eating more veggies, more consistent workouts, making my own jewlery, updating my website more, discovering my ‘style’ for oil painting.

  25. This month I am into: getting more sleep, the Garden Festival, poppies, drinking coffee again, not having any sugar, Photoshop 7, tie-dyeing outfits for the twins, and oh yes, getting more sleep.

  26. I am eternally into Tove Jansson! Especially after reading this belated obituary ( about her and the Moomin series.
    Oh and Neko Case — love her voice!

  27. says:

    this month i am into a girl called anna,taking photos and filming things,oh yes and looking which is the best action man to buy my friend for his birthday

  28. This month is all about: enjoying the sunshine and the dirt and the new growing things, making a quilt about DNA, preparing photos for my first photo exhibit :), preparing some kind of portfolio featuring interactive science Flash animations, coming to terms with the fact that I’m supposed to finish PhD-worthy research and write a thesis by September, and whatever else sounds like a good idea along the way! (maybe some camping …)

  29. Hi Loobylu! This month is all about the playoffs, Go Lakers!

  30. says:

    I’m really into being around and spending time with my family, especially having my aunts, uncles and cousins around and having big family meals together!

  31. this month I am into 2 hour naps for Franklin, tea with vanilla soy milk, long walks in the sunshine, finding a new place to live (I feel your pain), learning to knit (finally)

  32. May is a month for:warming flannel pajamas over the heater, reading Richard Sala’s excellent comic ‘Evil Eye #10’, missing the feel of a warm cat on my lap, itchy scarves, Buffy story arc descending, foggy mornings & cold feet, not looking at real estate sites (ha! Sorry) & SOUPS!

  33. says:

    Finishing my first year of law school! Trying to study hard for exams when I am so tired. Fantasizing about the knitting and reading I will do from May 9 until the 27th when summer school begins and gazing at newly budding tulips.

  34. says:

    May is about: looking forward to winter, especially winter clothes, wearing boots, food (risotto, sauerkraut, self-saucing puddings …), knitting six things at once, spending hours on checking out houses in hobart …

  35. says:

    finding a job; getting over the alcohol excesses of last month by coccooning at home wearing pjs and watching ’80s vids; using spare time to rediscover cooking

  36. says:

    -chicken corn soup-hour long walks in the countryside with puppy (saw 7 kangaroos last evening!)
    -starting to draw again
    -getting inspiration from diff places (especially fellow alums of mine)
    Gotta post 3 links here for everyone: (click on middle painting)

  37. says:

    This month I am into being a newlywed, seashells, furniture by Sticks, floppy hats, pancakes, the dog park, bright orange flowers, villeroy & boch jardin d’alsace casual china, reading “Sensual Living”

  38. I’m into:
    Running, fennel, slow cooked meat dishes, home made pizza in front of the footy on Friday night, 24, kicking leaves on the ground, looking after our new baby and trying to sleep

  39. says:

    I’m into:Ben’s home made pizza on Friday nights, Ben’s legs, new burping techniques for Jasmine, sleeping without crying (J.A again), knitting beanies and emus, reading E.M Forster novels, drinking good coffee again, Haigh’s chocolate, sleeping in (ha ha),,, taking photos, and here are the pizzas!!

  40. nursey rhymes. and children poetry. turtle necks [shirts]. wool. ugg boots. the beautiful color of changing leaves. little kids laughter. fish fingers. apple sauce. badminton. eastern music. images.

  41. Working on my Artist’s Journal, finding a Japanese ink stone, tank tops (it’s summer!), centering, being amazed that you mentioned M. Sasek…Wow. I have a library cast off of This Is Rome…It’s so very strange to me, that you mentioned it! This month, I am limitless!

  42. May is: frosty foggy mornings, gourmet pizzas, illustrating rainy afternoons away, party preparations, Gersey, Flash folio submissions, Sunday afternoon bike rides, hoodies and Paul Frank slippers, knitting a Gryffindor scarf, tulips (hurrah!), hot chocolate, the White Stripes, digital photography of beautiful architecture in my hometown in central Victoria, the word “autumnal” and the colors it represents, Spoon, sleeping in, the sound of fire crackling in the wood heater at night, Lonely Planet’s Guide to Scotland, sleeping under a quilt and looking forward to June, my 21st and Winter! PS. Claire, I have three (3) Nicole Cerini bags, I need some kind of intervention. They are the prettiest things I own.

  43. says:

    This May I am into –
    rediscovering the pleasure of turkish baths *

    multi coloured gerberas *

    peppermint tea *

    belly dancing *

    taking portraits *

    cardamoms *

    Paris and Stockholm * *

    Music by Mariza *

    Have a lovely May – great website *S*

  44. This month I am into: oatmeal, cheerios with skim milk, photo bags, waiting for summer, planning/dreaming for our next vacation/holiday, my new PC, shopping for a new digital camera, spring cleaning, waiting for the next Harry Potter book, Shine Junkie, light brown contact lenses, pink lipstick, adding more water for mushy rice for my li’l lulu, reading more often.

  45. Hi Claire… it’s an interesting question that I’ve never asked myself before – it feels like half way between a report (because I’m looking at what I’m into not what I hope to achieve) and a set of resolutions. This month I’m into- purple sprouting broccoli
    – eating homegrown lettuce (almost ready!)
    – planting stuff
    – writing stuff
    – Patrick O’Brian
    – resigning from committees
    – getting fit after a broken collar bone
    – radio 1Xtra (

    … or it could be a whole load of other things. It’ll be interesting to find out.

  46. Hiya! this month is very special to me. My Choir will be making it’s first ever CD and it’s something we’ve all been working very hard for.

  47. says:

    april showers bring May… finishing the research paper for which I have already been paid, chicken & rice dishes, spooning with my girl, running slow, dreaming about a road trip to las vegas, preparing for the next crisis my parents will find themselves in, living in toronto and avoiding sars

  48. ? photo-poetry? pad thai
    ? moonlight sonata
    ? my birthday

  49. pad thai, photo-poetry (my own invented term for photography with poems attached), moonlight sonata and my birthday.

  50. says:

    Knitting my first scarf (fuzzy blue and purple)Finishing my masters and planning graduation dinner extraordinaire!
    Distracting self from cruel twist of fate that has me thousands of miles from the one I want to be with
    Bocconcini with baby basil, sweet heart tomatoes and e-v olive oil
    Dark Lindt balls

  51. says:

    • 2nd meeting of our new bookclub
    • crock pot meals

    • making a shark costume for my daughter to wear to a birthday party

    • designing an identity for my own freelance business

    • following up on work contacts

    • lugging wood up from the gaarage for tasty fires at night

    • visiting my sisters family on the farm to enjoy the crisp autumn mornings and crunching through amber leaves in the orchard

    • snuggling in bed and playing lion dens under the sheets with my 3 year old.

    • trying to read my lifecoach book without hiring a lifecoach to make me read it….

    • avoiding everyone the week before my period.

    • getting my car fixed, gatting my haircut, going to the dental hygenist, plucking the forest above my eyes. forget the legs, it’s almost winter

    • going out to the beach with Lucy and watching kids catching sprats on the wharf.

    • going to the Auckland Readers & Writers festival and dream about being ‘one of them’

  52. This month I’m helping my mother set up her very first computer. She’s in her 70s now and it’s strange and wonderful to watch her with a mouse as I try to explain the “left click” concept.

  53. says:

    Welcome May!
    I am into the gradual soft greening of the woods behind my house, Tazo Zen Green Tea, finishing two quilts for an upcoming show, improving my knitting technique, Bela Fleck, Mma Precious Ramotzwe, and focusing my energies to help defeat George W. Bush next year.

  54. I am into…lying out for 40 minute sessions in the sunshine, biking to work, finding furniture for a new
    apartment, figuring out finances, learning a new computer system, working on learning PaintShop
    Pro v.7, hanging with the girls, Matt and my family, and working on getting a might more
    organized. Oh oh! and can’t forget crunchy peanut butter on graham crackers with melted marshmallows… mmm… 😉

  55. says:

    hm this month i`m into:getting ready to finish the term in school, preparing for some certificates in English, playing tennis as always and hanging around 😛 nothing special as always 🙂

  56. says:

    I have just found loobylu and I feel a bond already!
    So, I must tell you that this month I am into:

    Checking every day to see if the bulbs are up, The Natural Confectionary Company’s Fruit Salad jube lollies (is it wrong to eat the whole packet at once?), toilet training (my two year old that is), washing tiny weenee pairs of underpants after failed attempt at afore mentioned, creating my sister’s wedding invitations, trying to find a flattering “bridesmaid” dress for myself, who will, by the way, just happen to be 36 weeks pregnant at the time, Looking in this months “InStyle” magazine on the advice of my sister at a possible dress option (who quite clearly has no concept of the female body at 36 weeks of pregnancy, god bless her innocence), avoiding housework and attempting once again to finish the quilt for my daughter Beth’s bed before she turns 3, as I was going to finish it before she turned 2.

  57. becoming a better typographer, eating healthier, reading books by famous authors (like Hemmingway and Plath), Taking two showers a day, and using plastic bowls, plates and utensils to avoid having to do the dishes.

  58. what a briliant idea!For the month of May I am into: my birthday celebration(May 21st!), recovering my old couch, trying to write more, Audioslave, buying land, sleeping under my new doona.

  59. says:

    ben harper, my new flatmates, eating more raw food, being happy and resisting the urge to buy more shoes!

  60. Cooking and eating quince.

  61. Enjoying the beginning of summer

  62. says:

    Joining the crowd! I’m into:trying to create a new website, blossoming trees, my new iBook, Marcel Proust, sun at half past seven in the evening (looking forward to the Scandinavian white nights in summer), knitting a new stripy sweater, new vegetables (potatoes!) and mozzarella cheese. and our new bathroom. and my partner’s smile. and his music!

  63. says:

    Hi!This month i’m into:
    Jogging (how crazy is that?), finding garage sale junk and refurbishing it, finishing “The Secret Life of Bees” (actually thats more what i want to do this week) by Sue Monk Kidd and trying to keep myself and my money away from Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters (the two best stores ever).

  64. Hi Claire!
    This month I’m into knitting a kufi for my beloved friend, making silk shibori scarves, reading Galway Kinnel and meeting new people.

  65. Saw your bags link, these are very nice also!

  66. paperclipping things to my sketchbook * esther & clare, my favorite puppies ever * flip-flops * the target swell line of products * green tea to replace afternoon cup of coffee * roadtrips * cute boys * well, one in particular

  67. says:

    What interesting and varied lives we all lead!My addition to this growing list…May 2003 means finishing up two online courses, Advanced PS and
    Access, practicing Reduction Linocut printmaking techniques, making bags patterned by ONDORI, knitting rosettes, feltmaking with my toddler, attending a bead show since I’m making jewelry, lastly, celebrating
    my 35th birthday.

  68. Ok, here goes my May obcessions: gardening from seeds, painting ceramic tiles for people’s kitchens, reading blog’s (even internationally), taking digital photographs, and writing like I haven’t since I was a teenager.