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A friend of mine is writing a gardening book for publication early next year. She has written to me to ask if I know of anyone who might make an interesting profile. She wants to “show youngish people doing their own thing with limited resources. I’m looking for people who are doing interesting, creative and/or d.i.y things… so working with junk, making their own stuff, finding ways to cut costs and being creative. They should also be working with small spaces, difficult spaces, urban environments etc.”. Specifically she wants to be able to include:
1. An unusual or creative garden (as described above. Fairly open-ended)
2. A container garden
3. Food grown in a limited or difficult space (rooftops etc)
4. A southern climate garden
5. An unusual design concept

If you fit any of these ideas and especially if you are from Australia or New Zealand, send me an email so I can send on your details.

Also — for me — A call to any mums or dads of young kids in the Blackburn / Box Hill / Forest Hill area… I need to get some inside stories on what the kindergartens and schools are like in the area… if you are out there can you please email me and say hello?

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21 Responses

  1. If the list expands thusly:
    6. A dead pot plant surrounded by cobwebs on a dusty balcony

    then I’m your girl!

  2. ohh…i have a friend who is perfect for this i am forwarding her your site on the asap.cheerios and captain crunch!

  3. says:

    tell her to check . i hope that helps her!

  4. ah yes thanks Lucia — I am guessing she probably will.

  5. Well, I’m youngish and I have a very confined and growing garden on our small patio. I’m in the states though so I’m guessing I don’t count. I’m very happy about our cilantro. We have so much of if that I cannot make enough salsa.

  6. says:

    Well I hvae a southern climate garden, complete with roses, tulips, magnolias and a lemon tree on a north wall. But it isn’t really a show specimen….

  7. says:

    I don’t know if you can get Readymade Magazine down there, but this month’s issue featured many DIY and urban garden ideas that were pretty funky. (remnant buttons instead of pebbles for ground covering, etc.) I think their site is, perhaps you can order the issue online.

  8. Me + making a garden = frustration.
    I couldnt even make a little one if my life depended on it. Last time I tried making a seed grow in a cup, it sprouted then died.

  9. I have friends who have virtually build a farm in their inner city backyards out of hard rubbish. I will forward on their details once I get their permission 🙂

  10. says:

    you need to update your diversions!

  11. Oh…what fun…I’m poor, I’m an artist of used junk, love to garden, and use my flowers as subjects….but I’m in the States…what a bummer!

  12. I live in Alice Springs, which is smack bang in the centre of the Australian desert. Bulbs don’t do so well here, but anything that likes the sun pretty much acts as if it’s on steroids. You should check out the Alice Springs Desert Park:

  13. I am nowhere in her vicinity, but she might like to take a look at my DIY section about mini gardening or my Alice in wonderland garden.
    Best of luck to her!

  14. Your site is so cute.

  15. ClaireLet me know if you need more information on kindergartens. I know of some people with children at kindergartens in Box Hill – Mont Albert North. (Not sure if this is of interest to you.)

  16. Heya Gurl.. Nice Blog!!! and from Melbourne as well??!! crazy!..
    well at home we have 5 achres (<< if thats how you spell) of garden.. :D..!!

    anyhu.. keep up the awesome blog..


  17. hi, i don’t want to give any gardening advice since i have none, just want to say i really enjoy your site. awesome work 🙂

  18. First time here 🙂 it’s really nice web and beautiful colour combination 🙂 have a nice day …

  19. You might want to suggest to your friend that she searches around the permaculture scene — there’s a lot of interesting stuff happening there. Also, of couse, the lovely Esther Dean.