… and brushed that rakish lock of hair out of his smouldering grey eyes

I have finished the first drafts for the Melbourne Romance Writer’s Guild logo. I have to say, I really did enjoy doodling away at women holding hearts and sitting on piles of books and manuscripts. It is definitely my kind of project. Not there are too many illustrations projects that I have come across that aren’t my kind of project. Fortunately I still haven’t been asked to draw any horses which is a very good thing but I did once have to draw some bicycles – boy, that was tough. Anyway. The Melbourne Romance Writer’s Guild sub-committee came over for morning tea last weekend and they were lovely! No muu-muus, no huge earrings, but they were far from disappointing. There was a lot of talk about what a big hunk Eminem is and how we all secretly think Jon Bon Jovi is too, they loved my specially made coffee cake and oohed-and-aahed very appropriately at my new business cards. After much talk I was secretly wishing I could join their gang but you have to be a) a romance writer and b) not just a “yeah I’m thinking about writing a romance” writer but a serious romance writer – serious as in wanting to get published, not serious as in no laughs – not at all. So now I am wondering if they might accept a romance illustrator into their crew. (And you will be pleased to know that Big-P left his shirt on – and infact he ran and hid in the study when it was mentioned in passing).

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9 Responses

  1. indigo@fl.net.au says:

    I was dying to hear about how the romance writers thing went. Did you read Anne of Green Gables? In one of the later books, she meets some famous writer and is DYING to look wonderful and is naturally in a dreadful state when said writer does arrive. Sounds like you pulled it off rather more successfully.

  2. mathew@mrpatto.com says:

    So there wasn’t even any chin-stroking-meaningful-stare moments?
    With hair flowing in an inexplicably local wind…

  3. Oh dear — Bon Jovi? i hope you’re embarrassed… 🙂

  4. i’m in love wif yr terrific layout!!! keep it up and if u have the time, do come n pay my site a visit

  5. shuzzan@aol.com says:

    i have to tell you that Loobylu is by far the best site i’ve ever visited in a long while. it’s brilliant! keep up the fantabulous work.

  6. This is my first visit. I LOVE your work.

  7. what a wonderful thing to do, claire!
    i’m very interested in romance writing – and without irony. i can understand jon bon, but would love to know how hot-quippin’ eminem inspires these ladies! heehee!

  8. msgpeg@hotmail.com says:

    Hey, did someone mention coffee cake?!?! I *lurve* coffee cake. Is there a recipe??

  9. can we get a gander at those business cards?