Friday Font Frenzy

Firstly! Congratulations to my brother and K for the birth of their amazingly cute little boy. I can’t stop looking at his little face in the photos they have sent us and I can’t wait to meet him and give him a tickle and a cuddle come Easter time.
And that font that I have been craving (and creating a little havoc with!)? I am so incredibly amazed that I could find it! I used the’s “What The Font” feature that anj suggested in my comments and that came back with an unknown but it did suggest I try Identifont where they ask a set of 12 questions which from they can identify the font! Brilliant! I was extremely dubious (and obviously naive) when starting out as I thought “how on earth can they identify one of bazillions of fonts from a mere 12 questions?” but sure enough the font was identified as FF seria sans which turns out is not so incredibly expensive in AU$… unlike some of the others that I am now coveting (eg. the appealing retro Neutraface – thanks to Whitney). Anna identified the other Martha Stewart Kids fonts as Emigre’s Base 9 and the amazingly elegant Mrs Eaves. Unfortunately there are not enough characters available to me (mainly the uppercase) to identify the other font I am always curious about from Martha Stewart – the “baby” cursive heading font. The hunt continues. Thank you for all the suggestions and comments and font detective work. Fonts are beautiful things.

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  1. For special occasions, how about a Rennie Mackintosh font? Unfortunately nobody does lower case. But I think it’s pretty and it has that clean-but-quirky thing going for it. e.g:

  2. says:

    the Martha Stewart “baby” font sort of looks like the font used on Björk’s Vespertine album. You can download it here

  3. says:

    By far the best place to ask for a font-ID is:


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    The Martha Stewart Baby Font is called Little Days. I have it but it is for PC.

  5. Ooo Tracy – you have the screen version of ‘wild west’ I’ve been after for ages! Spent lots of college time photocopying it out a book and cutting and sticking to make screens..

    I don’t suppose anyone knows of a screen version of a font called ‘sapphire’? (little diamond shapes ‘cut’ into the font’)

  6. I’ve used ITC Kulukundis ( a lot—it’s similar to the script font used by Martha Stewart Baby magazine. A little more angular, but still good.

  7. If you need to convert a PC font for Mac usage, TTconverter does an efficient job:

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    I found “Little Days,” to be *very* similar if not the font used in the “baby” title. It’s for download (free!) at

  9. Hey Claire! The handwriting fonts on this page are quite similar to the Martha Stewart one:
    Good luck finding the one you want!! 🙂

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    Wow! Claire, yesterday I too had a font crisis of sorts. I was looking for a font that I could use in my flash project. I spent almost all day downloading and searching around like a hungry chicken.

  11. Too late now, but the martha baby font is call Memimas, I bought it from font shop for $99

  12. Lorena is right. So far, Little Days looks like a not-so-subtle knockoff of the beautiful MeMima. Sad.

  13. MeMima can be seen at its originating foundry, Type-Ø-Tones: