Pizzzza Buzzzz

Last night was our Survivor Sushi and Sweep night get together, sans sushi. My gal was voted off last week but I am still enjoying this very eventful Pearl Islands season. Everyone came along to our place (Mum and Dad are away and we have the key to the liquor cabinet!) and we started the evening watching Millsy being voted off Australian Idol (there is a god of crap TV!). Much discussion was had over the pizza menu for our local, quite delicious pizza place. Choices were made — mouths were watering. I rang the store and got a recorded message saying that they are now closed on Mondays. Oh woe!
We aren’t exactly in the restaurant heartland out here, and when it’s ten past 8 and pizza is on everyone’s minds, a desperate decision was made to get Pizza Hut pizzas. Oh woe!

15 minutes later the pizza were being flung onto plates and you know what? It actually wasn’t too bad. I haven’t had a pizza hut pizza for maybe 12 years and I remember them to be doughy, fatty, chewy things with bits of ham that look like the erasers you get on the end of pencils. The pizza we had last night to some extent resembled food. The bits of topping were kind of irregular and tasty. Unfortunately the fatty bit that I remembered remains and after two slices I was feeling that kind of take-away slimey feeling you get. The one interesting thing I did notice about the whole dining experience is that I got a salt – sugar rush and pretty soon Nic and I were laughing it up in an out of control way. Pretty soon the chocolate coated biscuits were being circulated and by the time I hit the hay I was spinning. Woo… resolutions abound today about never eating any kind of anything with salt or sugar or additives again. Ever.

In other news my cards have sold out. If you bought a pack or two (or three or four!!) thank you so much! Parcels have almost all be mailed out with the rest going out in the next couple of days. Hope you enjoy them.

Also, the amazing Lliam has revamped his site. It’s already well known around these parts that he’s an illustrator extroidinaire (how big is that folio??), a heart-throb and improvisational beatnik, but now we can read his very most inner thoughts about how it feels to be a dad, mobile phone user and zombie.

Also, I love Keri’s latest creations; Hortense and Giles. Lovin’ the textures.

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9 Responses

  1. The greatest administrators do not achieve production through constraints and limitations. They provide opportunities.

  2. O Ratz! I missed out on the Christmas Joy !!!! Snooze you lose, I guess. But they’re spectacular, Claire, and the little Loobylu shop is so adorable. I hope your success inspires you to make lots of more and everything! I’d adore my very own Loobylu calendar… and all occasion stationary (hint, hint). Must sign off now… I just got the sudden impulse to warble “Wing Beneath my Wings” to you in bad Idol style. Y’know…”Did you ever know that you’re my herooooo…” Shudder!

  3. Damn. I was going to buy some of those cards. Oh well, hopefully you’ll do some more next year.
    I have become addicted to Pearl Island, I think it’s the pirate feel that sucks you in. Arrg.

  4. Nooooo! Damn! I just came on here to order some cards! They are so awesome. You’re not releasing any more?? **cries**

  5. It’s a relief to know that Pizza Hut experiences are apparently universal! It’s one of those things that seems like a really good idea at the time, and then you swear you’ll never do it again…

  6. oh darn, i was meant to get a pack of those lovely cards few days ago. i was going to sort out the paypal account thing today. owell, this teaches me never to procrastinate!! hmm now i feel like pizza.

  7. congrats on the card sales…I’m in the wholesale card business and that’s so exciting!

  8. crazieladybug@prodigy.net says:

    I got my cards a few minutes ago in the mail! They are awesome! I especially love the red one. 🙂 You *should* definitely release more…

  9. I received my cards yesterday and they are so beautiful! I’m saving one of each for myself just to look at!
    claire, i really adore your work and can’t wait to see what other goodies you put up in the store!