Illo Friday – Aquatic

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So glad it’s Friday. This weekend I am going to re-attempt the stock/soup thing, walk in a park, sweep autumn leaves, visit the market, sleep in, read my book, and maybe even see a movie.

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  1. my latvian mother in law makes this great soup called poetically ‘steak soup’ – fry onions and chopped up steak, add chicken or other stock (bonox works too) and potato – cook until everything is tender. this is also excellent the next day with more vegies added. but the best thing is – the kids actually like it!

  2. long-time reader, long-time fan of your blog (yes, I have been a blurker!)… first time commenting. love this illustration. such great colors. such a nice sense of movement to it. and I am loving the vintage flavor it has… anyhoo. loving it.
    and loving your blog. thanks for sharing.

  3. Heehee, that’s really witty, and beautifully drawn as well!

  4. perfect! the swimming cap (is that what you call them?) just makes the picture!

  5. Oh she’s so sweet…and classy too. I felt so bad for you during you hot summer and now…well!

  6. Wonderful illustration. I hope that all goes well with the soup. If you are going the pasta route again try cooking the pasta separately and adding it to the soup near the end. Also a great way to use leftover cooked pasta 🙂

  7. She’s very vintage looking. Lovely.

  8. Lovely illustration! I always like the characters you draw. And your plans for the weekend sound great! 🙂

  9. water wings AND a rubber ring!
    too cute!

  10. says:

    Hi there, even Stockholm is more shiny on a friday. Especially today – a nice warm early summer day when nature is waking up from winter and springtime. Actually i count May as a spring month but when its 25 c its more like summer althougt the first of june is on wednesday. So when you there down under look at the colourful autumnleaves we in scandinavia embrace the summer:-)I love your blog and read it almost every day.

  11. what a beautiful illustration :)good luck for the stock!

  12. Beautifull drawing! I love the texture and the little details.

  13. I always enjoy your art!!

  14. I love your water dancing lady!! She’s fabulous!

  15. says:

    Speaking of global soup making… my Irish mother & Grandmother swear by frying your veggies & spices with a wee spoon of flour, and then add your stock a bit at a time to make a thin “Roux” so the soup is thickened a bit. They also puree about 1/3 of the completed soup (no pasta, just veg, stock & meat) and add back to the soup to give body and to boost the veggies. Pair with some Irish Soda Bread and white cheddar, perfect fall weather. Summer just starting here on East coast Canada 🙂 have a great weekend Claire.

  16. I love your illustration. She is so stylish and sweet. it seems like everyone did an illustration for this topic, and I think it was a great one. Wasn’t it freezing in Melbourne today? I hope to go and see your exhibition. I would love to see your work in real life. Have a great weekend!

  17. because of you I am trying illustration friday. you make me feel creative again with all the wonderful illustrations. thank you!

  18. how do you do it all? toddler in tow, illustrator friday, making stock, walking in park, sweeping leaves, seeing a movie……i feel so inadequate.

  19. says:

    Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. Enjoy….

  20. I dream of days as wonderfully restful as the one you describe here. How do you ever find or make time for such a pleasant day?

  21. That’s a really beautiful picture, Claire!

  22. Kewl illustration! I like the bubbles.

  23. Hey Claire!I’ve been reading your site for years. Your graphics have been a real inspiration!

    I am getting ready to begin my softies entry, im excited! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  24. First time reader of your blog, and I’ve just got to say that your pictures and crafts are just wonderful! You are so talented! I can’t wait to see what new things you come up with!

  25. says:

    Hi Claire, its Meg from school, loving your blog sister! Illustrations are devine, will be catching the exhibit so maybe we can get together for a latte – I have no tips for soup, I just buy mine!