Christmas dolls again

Lyn posted her beautiful Ruby doll the other day and I looked at the hair (as well as the rest of the doll) with complete awe! I must admit to being slightly relieved when she revealed today that the hair was a challenge — because hair on dolls is one thing I have vast amounts of difficulties with.
I have cut all the pieces out for my two little Christmas dolls but before I stitch them all together I need to work out what to do about their hair. Lily’s especially needs to have hair that she won’t choke on and that will withstand a great deal of chewing, so I think yarn is out.

The times I have tried stitching on yarn for hair it has been a pretty big disaster… perhaps it’s something that needs a lot of practice before you get your technique down. In the mean time I am going to experiment with Hillary’s Make-a-long doll idea of having stitched on felt hair or something similar.

I have also decided I am going to make them little quilted dresses to make them even more cuddly. That might be a challenge for me, never having quilted anything before.

Well I think that has to be my entry for today. So far it’s been 100% when it comes to NaBloPoMo — but I am incredibly tired tonight, as I am fighting off another cold which has moved rapidly through the entire family. My further thinkings into puddings, dolls and motherhood (oh-so hard today) will have to wait when I have a little more energy. Now it’s time to change a nappy, make some tea and kick back and watch some reality tv (probably while pacing around the room rocking and patting a non-sleeping baby).

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  1. Hi Claire, looking forward to seeing your new dolls! I have a 2yr old and a 4mth old and I’ve made them dolls with fabric hair (like the make-a-long but sewn together, not appliqued, if that makes sense). And they’ve (the dolls) have held up well. I’ve also made them softies with quilted bodies, which they also enjoy – definitely very cuddly. You can see pics on my website.

  2. I have had nothing but yarn hair disasters too and I’m really bad at applique, but applique hair seems to work for me. I can’t wait to see them finished, your drawings are just gorgeous.

  3. Hang in there Claire! You’ll feel better soon.
    I’m loving your daily posts (and feel likc such a slacker that I didn’t commit to NaBloPoMo when all I have is school and YOU are doing it with two young children, a husband, and a business to run)! I love reading about your creative dollmaking ideas because I can live vicariously through you. :^)

  4. Mmm… I can’t wait to see the baby dolls. Have you considered giving Lily’s doll a bonnet? Just a bit of fringe poking out?

  5. Some of the waldorf books I have recommend just making a permanent hood or bonnet for a doll for a baby, eliminating the need for hair.
    Hope you didn’t have to rock and pat for too long and got some sleep.

  6. Claire- Right before I got on the computer, I was sitting contemplating how to add hair to a doll I’m making! I sat yesterday and stared at Ruby for a LONG time. Hmmmmm…
    (Feel better soon, please.)

  7. says:

    Hi there!I’m a fan of your blog and just had a thought about baby friendly hair for that doll…how about little fabric “pillows”?I’m picturing about an inch wide and two to three inches long. They would be safe for much chewing and fun for little fingers to play with. You could make as many as needed and then sew them on by the short end into a funky little hairstyle! Just a thought….you are making me want to make a doll for my daughter 🙂 Good luck:)

  8. Cute little sketch for a doll. If you’d like to explore alternative hair styles, check out Shelley Thornton’s dolls. She uses cloth to create many types of 3-D hairstyles.
    Shelley Thornton’s Doll Gallery

  9. Forgive me, for I can’t remember – but do you knit?
    If you do – you might try something along the lines of the Hallowig from the Knitty archives. Obviously, you’d have to modify it quite a bit to be the correct size – but this might be an elegant solution. Just knit a tiny wig and then tack it on really really well….

  10. Hi Claire 🙂 I scanned some illustrations on hair making from an old pattern book that I have found useful from time to time:

  11. Oh I like making dolls too, although I am not too good at it. I cant wait to see yours for you little girls, and the felt hair sounds like a good idea.

  12. I also have trouble sewing on doll hair. I’ve come up with a sort of techinque for yarn that works for me most of the time, but it’s definitely not one of my favorite things to do 😛

  13. Oops, the link to Shelley Thornton’s page didn’t come up.

  14. Perhaps trying to put a bonnet or hat of some type would help with the hair issue?? then perhaps two braids coming out the bottom???Can’t wait to see the finished project!!

  15. says:

    My two month old is cured of colic! Thought I would share the “cure”. My pediatrician said her crying was due to her inability to calm herself. Which was true as she refused to nurse and was resistant to rocking or patting. She would be up from 4 in the afternoon untill 11 at night. I knew she was tired but didn’t know how to get her to sleep. Her doctor said give her a routine and stick to it religiously. When she is sleepy, set her in her crib and let her find her own comfort mechanism whether it be sucking on her fingers, looking at her mobile, whatever. Do that each time she is tired. Eventually, she will find something to calm herself. I know it sounds harsh and appears brutal but self-calming is a skill for babies to learn. The alternative is sometimes worse, at least for the parents. Good luck! Hope you get some sleep!