A Month of Softies July – Sock it to me!

A Month of Softies for June is now officially closed. Thank you for all the wonderful “June Bug” contributions… but now it is time to move on to July and the new theme which is “Sock it to me! – a World of Sock Monkeys”.
I really like the idea of everyone following the one pattern and coming up with all sorts of different and personal interpretations – but of course I will be as relaxed as usual about how you choose to take part. If you feel more inclined to make a monkey out of something other than socks, or you feel like using socks to make something other than monkeys you can rest assured that I will welcome them in to July’s gallery (which will go online some time in the distant future after May and June have been updated!).

Here are some Sock Monkey resources:


Sock Monkey Instructions

Sock Monkey Socks
(NB. I have never ordered socks from this site so I have no idea what the service etc. is actually like)

Make sure you have a look at Peng-Peng Sock Monkeys when she updates her site in the next 24 hours.

A great sounding book about the collection of Ron Warren who collects sock monkeys – and here is a link to an exhibition from 2002 by the photographer Arne Svenson which includes a few snaps of the monkeys in the book.

And lastly Paul Frank’s Julius Sock Monkey on Amazon

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15 Responses

  1. hooray! how serendipitous! i started making sock monkeys for the first time earlier this month and now have a collection to choose from!

  2. redfeltflower@gmail.com says:

    as always a fantastic theme…could this be the influence of curious george?

  3. Oh, really cool idea…I’m particularly keen on monkeys! IF only I had much time…

  4. Oh, what fun!!! I just bought Peng-Peng’s Kazoo monkey and will have to make him & Indonesia a child monkey or somthing!

  5. Yay for sock monkeys! 😀 I completely forgot to send in my bug.. oops..
    I have one of the Julius sock monkeys in blue.. it’s the best!

  6. Yea sock monkeys!!!

  7. igal541@yahoo.com says:

    yes, i am glad that you noticed that it isn’t june anymore. it is july. which is a long time to wait to see the flowers for may’s theme. i think that if you cannot handle the responsibility that you should give the job to someone else, or stop for a while.

  8. Big cheers… I love the sock monkey theme idea! And thanks for the reference, especially the Peng Peng monkeys.

  9. Oh! I have missed June bug…my sewing machine decided not to play 🙁 I was looking at that sock monkey book at the Brunswick St Bookstore the other week. Then I saw sock monkey.com and thought I might try them one day…now I will try them soon.

  10. regarding ‘me’s’ comment, I think that someone offering a completely free and wonderful medium for people to express and share their ideas, your comments leave a lot to be desired. She does this asking nothing in return and look how many people enjoy it!
    I see you were even brave enough to not leave your name….harumph!

  11. Yeah claire! I love the sock monkey theme! I actually have a copy of the book you mentioned and it’s great – the expressions are priceles. I have ordered socks from the states (can’t remember who at the minute, but they did take awhile to arrive, lucky I still have some left!)

  12. I’m considering trying this–something totally new to me. Does it have to be a monkey, or can it be a sock cat, etc?