Slow Sunday

We are going in to the hospital every couple of days now to monitor the heart rate of our little tiny one. We had an ultrasound on Thursday and while the baby is now way to big to really see anything properly (to our untrained eye, obviously) we did see one thing quite clearly and that is she is definitely a SHE! She is doing well – so we will keep waiting until my next doctor’s appointment on Wednesday for further plans.
Honestly, I don’t blame her for staying tucked away in her warm, safe hiding spot. Apart from being freezing cold around here, Amelia is still coughing dramatically and Big-P came down with the same ear infection on Friday night. I have hardly any voice still and we have all been sleep deprived and grumpy and have gummy eyes – Delightful! However, last night we all slept a long long long sleep and all woke up in great spirits. Big-P even made us pancakes for breakfast. If we need a day to go into labour, today would be a good day to start.

Anyway, my world seems to be slowing down. I can’t do a lot. Even blogging seems hard now.

By the way – regarding those wonderful Japanese books which arrived here last week, Yvonne has made a tutorial on how to order books from Amazon JP — it couldn’t be easier! Thanks Yvonne. I have ordered from them several times and although I can’t understand a word of their order confirmation emails and what not, the books have always arrived quickly and in good order.

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  1. Oh Claire, brings me back to the last week waiting for Una – seemed like forever at the time and now it’s so long ago and far away and I have this soft cosy nostalgia for the waiting (though at the time I was also bristly and defensive as more and more people offloaded their expectations onto me – wanting me to hang on and have the baby on their great aunt’s birthday or whatnot). Anyway, hope it’s all over soon and of course you get the best present in the world! Hooray for little girls.xx

  2. Good luck with it, Claire.
    Maybe you’ve done too good a job of being pregnant so she’s happy to stay where she is.

  3. I just loved the links from last time and you have been inspired me to go to Spotlight and buy felt and sew again.
    Thank you.

    Fingers crossed for today.

  4. Rest while you can Claire – I have been checking your blog a couple of times a day to see if you had ‘gone’… Now make sure you take care as your life will change once this ‘event’ has happened…

  5. says:

    I’m a long-time reader and I keep eagerly checking in via your RSS feed to see whether your little baby has arrived yet. My younger sister is about five months pregnant and she and I find ourselves racing to check to see if you’ve updated with a delivery announcement. Good luck from Ohio!

  6. Oh, Claire ‚Äì the waiting must be terrible! I felt sure you must have delivered when I saw you’d posted. So many people are thinking of you and hoping you have the easiest time possible.

  7. Ah! When there was no post on the 16th or 17th I thought you’d gone into labor for sure.
    On another note– I’ve been reading your blog since Amelia was born, and haven’t stopped. I love it! And it makes me want to order Japanese books…

  8. I am thinking of you every day now. And definitely a girl, wow! Hope you are feeling much much better.

  9. says:

    You sound much more patient than all your regular readers Claire… we can’t wait for this little baby.

  10. good luck with the baby. i’d want to stay warm and safe with this weather too!
    i have my eye on the scandanvian kitchens book; it looks so wonderful. and being the nordophile(is there such a thing?) that i am i think i’d spend a good couple of days pouring over it. thanks for the tutorial link.

  11. says:

    Im glad to hear you are all well. Good luck for a smooth delivery some time soon.

  12. Bubba is happy and that’s the main thing. She (yes she!!) will be out soon enough. Guess the big naming debate is now further refined 🙂
    Good luck CLaire – hope you’re all feeling much better soon.

  13. Every time I click on your link I’m expecting you to have had the baby. Hang in there.

  14. says:

    OH…I was so sure it happened yesterday!! Most obs dont like you to go over 42 at least you know it will happen in the next week!! How exciting!!!

  15. AAARGH! hang in there! (well what else could you do but wait!) i’ve been checking back too many times to count to see if SHE had popped out! my kids are checking when i’m not!wishing you luck and plenty of calm…..
    olive xx (have you had her since i started the comment…i’ll have to check!)

  16. Seems to be a rash of expected little ones being quite happy just to stay put! I think it must be the month of June that does it to them. My June baby was nine days overdue, but thankfully even at nine days he delivered at an ounce under eight pounds. Hopefully you won’t have to wait until Wednesday for her arrival. Take care!

  17. Oh my goodness! Two little ladies! 🙂 You will have lots of fun until they turn 14 😉 Just kidding. I hope everything goes well! You’re in my prayers!

  18. When I hit my due date with my little girl I had the worst cold. My doctor said that mother nature has a way of waiting until you’re up to your peak health before you go into labour. He was right. The moment my cold was gone, I went into labour. Good luck!!!

  19. I’ll be feeling so anxious if to wait so long for the little one to come.

  20. says:

    Best of luck, Claire!! I went to 42 weeks with my first baby which I thought would be awful but, since it was a first baby, enabled me to waddle around and have lunches in cafes and afternoons in bookstores and the like. I will be happy with 37 weeks with this pregnancy, since they’re twins.
    And girls are wonderful, aren’t they?

  21. Enjoy the rest-all good wishes coming your way from all around the bloggy globe.
    My MIL said her third sbaby stayed in longer than expected as it was just too cold in Pennsylvania that winter.

  22. Thanks for the link. Have wanted to order Japanese craft books forever and a day.Good luck with your she-baby!

  23. I have been looking in every day, waiting for the good news! Hope all goes well, can’t wait to read the first “post-delivery” post… best of luck!