Journalistic fun times

There was an article in this morning’s Age about blogging which featured some comments by me — and while it sounds as though I have trouble stringing a sentence together, at least Darren came off sounding quite intelligent – no “like wow! sort of!”s coming out of his mouth.
By the way… have you seen Darren’s blog? – I think it’s a great resource if you are thinking about starting a commercial website. I have referred to it almost every day for the last couple of months while we were putting together Kiddley. I highly recommend it.

Today I am going in for a further ultrasound — just to make sure the baby is ok and it has enough fluid around it and so on. It will be most interesting to see a 41 week inutero baby in an ultrasound – theoretically it will be a finished, fully complete baby. Last time at 32 weeks we could see that Amelia had lots of hair — so I am curious to see the level of detail at 41 weeks. Perhaps they will be able to tell us more definitively whether it’s a boy or girl which will help the naming debates which are still raging.

Amelia has kindly shared her cold around so Big-P and I are both under the weather again. I have lost my voice almost completely so if I am lucky enough to go into labour today it might be an incredibly quiet ride – rivaling that of Tom and Katie!

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  1. says:

    Yep, saw your link in the article on It reads that you have a 31/2 year old daughter. Does that make her 15.5?
    Take care.

  2. says:

    Hi Claire, I went to the quilt and craft show in Sydney today, where Patchwork on central park had a booth and I saw all the gorgeous fabric you bought from there a while back..(I think for this baby’s quilt?)and anyway I thought of you wondering if there was any action of the birthing kind..picked up my kids from daycare and came straight home to look up your blog. Its weird really when I dont even know you…sure is fun though!!

  3. Best of luck! I’ve been thinking about you everyday – out loud, of course, so that each night when my husband comes home the first thing he says is “Did Claire have her baby today?”

  4. congrats on the article and the world record for the oldest daughter in the world. If she’s 312….what does that make you? 🙂

  5. Hang in there, Claire. Both my girls were 42 weeks, and I went into labor the night before I was scheduled to be induced (does that say something about their personalities?). Take it easy, and I hope you get over that cold fast!

  6. Oh yippy I am first. lol
    I will have to get the Age and see what all the fuss is about.

    I love Darren’s web site and have it in my favorites.

    Butter-menthol anyone?

  7. It is also on the tech section of smh
    great blog
    And Congrats!!!! on the new baby to be. take care

  8. says:

    I hope that baby arrives soon! A friend who was overdue last week went in to be induced and ended up having her baby on my son’s 3rd birthday, makes for a very easy date to remember…

    I am new to reading (a) blogs and (b) your website…can’t remember how I came across it. But I thought you might like to know that this and a couple of other craft websites have inspired me to finally do what I should have done years ago and sign up for a sewing class. There is so much that I’d love to be able to make. Also, I have a 6 1/2 year old daughter (easy to buy for) and a now three year old son (awful unless you like camouflage clothes, blue and brown and Spiderman). All of my spending money seems to go into to buying beautiful custom clothes for him, so I figure that if I learnt to sew, I could save a fortune by making them myself (it’s not like there’s that much variation in boys’ patterns…). Also, after the mention on your site, I subscribed to Ottobre – my first two copies arrived yesterday and now I can’t wait to learn how to actually make something (at least a T-shirt should be doable…). A designer whose work I love told me that she taught herself and has only been sewing for 2 years, which gives me hope! But I’ve yet to find much in the way of good fabric sites for knits and outerwear fabrics, any suggestions? (I’m in outer-eastern Melbourne, so any local shops would also be good, unlikely as this possibility is).

    Good luck with the birth.



  9. Will check out the links – anything happening down there??

  10. Wonderful blog Claire. I’ve been reading for about a year now. Our son was taught last year by the bride at a wedding you blogged about! Kooky connections! All the very best to you with the new precious one. Lynne

  11. keep up the good work. your blog looks dandy.

  12. My thoughts and crossed fingers are with you that things happen soon and happen well! I keep thinking about you and whether you will pop soon!
    Also, is it weird that everytime I think of Tom & Katie’s baby, I think it looks like a little green alien?

  13. says:

    I’m so sorry about the cold. My little lovies have passed a horrid funk onto me and their father and, to put it rather cruedly, it both sucks and blows. You know you’re bad off when swallowing is so painful it requires mental and emotional preparation. Do you know how many times a day a person swallows? I’m here to tell you it’s a lot. I have found that gargling with Grand Marnier (it was either that or cheap kirsch…I’ll take the Grand Marnier, thank you.) is a not an all together unpleasant remedy.
    But seriously, there’s nothing worse than being a sick parent and having to care for sick children EXCEPT for being a 40+ week pregnant, sick parent having to care for a sick child. Oy. As far as I’m concerned, pregnant women should be exempt from illness for nine months. Do you hear me universe? I mean for goodness sake, we’re growing another HUMAN. Cut us gals some slack already.

    I hope the cold blows over, as it were, and that labor commences before Friday or whenever it is your OB leaves the country. I’m thinking smooth and speedy (but not too speedy as I hear that can be traumtic) labor vibes on your behalf.

  14. Again, a very neat blog.

  15. This is the first time ever that I keep hoping NOT to see a new post from you! NOw that is simply crazy, so I think you should have that baby *smile*
    You are all in my thoughts!!

  16. I suspect that your baby is also going to be 312 years old when he/she finally arrives lol
    Keep well, Claire!

  17. Fingers crossed!I remember when you were “afraid” the wee would pop out on the 6th…

    awww… leave the woumb, you wee! i’m sure it’s cozy and warm but wait till you get a hold of what’s outside!

  18. Good luck with the ultrasound. Can’t wait to find out myself if you’re having a boy or girl!

  19. says:

    Hang in there mama! I know how crazy it is, both of my girls were “late”-Chloe by 10 days and little Ana by 11. It’s going to be incredible!hugs,

  20. Best of luck. I’m thinking of you. My second was two weeks late . But I went into labour by myself and everything was fine.

  21. says:

    Good luck! And the good news is that most babies hit their developmental milestones from their due date (not the actual date they were born). Consider yourself to be shaving a couple of days off the sleepless nights thing!

  22. I keep checking, hoping for a birth announcement! I am thinking of your family this week Clare!

  23. We didn’t see a thing at 41 weeks. Just pieces of baby we couldn’t identify. The doc showed us the heart that was cool. But we saw her way better 12 hours later when she was actueally born..

  24. good luck on your sonogram.
    my experience with late sonos is that the baby is too big and too crammed to really get a good boy/girl look. hope yours is better.

  25. Hey Claire, I’ve been checking in every day to see if you’re here or not and if their is a birth notice! Hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer, and get well soon!

  26. hi claire congrats on the article. choice layout… really clean.

  27. C’mon the 16th of June – today is my birthday. Mind you, I was born 35 years ago (yegads), but it’s a good day to have a birthday.
    Good luck CLaire!!

  28. says:

    my neighbour JUST had her baby..and she too was in her 42nd week.(she got induced though)

    the baby was pretty big..weighed 8 lbs. and 4oz. and when it came out, the baby even had some grown fingernails. (not sure if babies tend to have grown fingernails)

    best of luck

  29. again, thinking of you and wishing you the best!

  30. I stumbled across your blog on a search for “fabulous blogs”…now I know why you are considered fabulous!