On the way home from a quick visit to the Museum this morning, Big-P let me out on Johnston Street to drop in on the newly established Zakkaya. While he and Amelia circled the block twice, I managed to spend too much money on beautiful, handcrafted Japanese goods (christmas presents you know)- it was all like something right out of a Japanese craft book. I was in seventh heaven. While the stock was a little thin on the ground, it’s definitely worth a drop-in, for those with a penchant for zakka and a need for a little inspiration!

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11 Responses

  1. That elephant is too cute!
    I’m really jealous right now.

  2. i was wondering what they sold in there. so that little elephant, what does it do? is it a brooch or decoration or something? i particularly like that cream corduroy fabric, very lovely.

  3. it’s a little zip up purse. It’s kind of soft and squashy too. Lovely to hold.

  4. Twice around the block? You musta done some fast thinking and grabbing!Sounds like fun!

  5. Oh wow, these japanese always make “kawaii” things.I don’t know,but, everything you add inspire. no matter how simple they are, they are lovely and unique.thank you.

  6. Did you see/get the acorn pillow? Too cute.

  7. That is way cute – gotta check that shop out. Thanks for the tip!

  8. My you Victorians are lucky.That shop looks divine.

  9. oh so sweet!!!!j’adore ce petit √©l√©phant!

  10. says:

    oh what a gem! must check it out, thanks claire :>

  11. What a great idea! We have Little Tokyo in LA but someone has yet to open a Zakka store or at least have a Zakka Craft Fair. Anybody?