Mame Wanko!

I could tell you the latest update from the real estate agent and how we suspect they might be trying to play us, but instead I will show you what I made last night:

A weeny little stuffed dog! I went a little cross-eyed sewing him but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be. He needs some beads for his eyes as they are just pins at the moment and next time I won’t use polar fleece as it was really hard to work with at this size. Here’s another pic:

He is based on a pattern I found in DollyBird Magazine no.3 but I think (as i can’t read Japanese) that similar ones are to be found in a japanese craft book called (amusingly enough) Mame Wanko sometimes available on ebay.

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42 Responses

  1. that dog is the most adorable thing ever! i love his stubby little legs.

  2. I predict a frenzy paralleling the Beanie Baby phenomenon! Too cute!

  3. says:

    Ooohhhh… this one takes the cake! Your previous dolls were really stylish, but this dog is so cute I can’t stop looking at it! Congratulations!

  4. Claire! I am speechless! Your weeny tiny dog is beautifully perfect.

  5. Thats one tiny dog….I bet $40USD on eBay

  6. says:

    cuuute! What fabric would you use next time (yes, thinking of the sincerest form of flattery)?Izabela

  7. I can’t believe that you have constructed such a tiny stuffed animal – it’s so perfect as well! I am in awe of your eyesight as well as your sewing ability.
    Sorry to hear about the house. We have missed out on a number of houses in our time and I always try to think that the reason we miss out is because a much better house is just around the corner. This proved true on all but one occasion, (a house I really loved and still regret not going that extra $5K at auction – oh well). Hope that your true house IS just around the corner.

  8. I’m not acutally sure which fabric I will try next. The polar fleece was quite thick and hard to sew through but stood up to the intense handling that something this small gets when putting it together and also has a nice kind of fur look to it. I might try felt but I fear it would just disintergrate while sewing it. Maybe some flannel which is still soft and slightly fluffy but it’s a bit thinner. Hmm. I will keep you posted.

  9. oh, that is incredibly charming. and proportioned quite well =) e-bay anyone?

  10. Rhooo la la, I love this wee one. You are so talented (and obviously very patient), it is always to come here and have a look.

  11. how cute is THAT! My cat would love to carry one of those around the house and leave it in prime positions to be tripped over!

  12. OMG! Cutest. Dog. Ever. My eyes get sore from looking at knitting needles, even worse when I’m sewing together things like bags, so I have NO idea how you pulled that one off!! (though it could just be my bad eyesight..LOL)

  13. Ach, he’s perfect, Claire!

  14. how do you not have carpel tunnel by now? that really is the cutest thing ever!

  15. i know i’ve given you guff in the past about the gushing comments section, but that dog is adorable and puts a huge smile on my face. please consider running a craftarmy workshop so we can learn how to sew such small, beautiful things.
    also, i’ve swiped your “year of the handmade gift” idea and am attempting to knit something for eight family members in the u.s. for christmas. any ideas for good, small projects for men who don’t wear hats or scarves?

  16. Toooo cute! Hand sewn or sewing machine? I could just see me sewing thru a fingernail.

  17. Too adorable. I love his weeny tiny-ness.

  18. I got that mame wanko book but I don’t know if any of mine will ever look as adorable as that one!!!

  19. That is the SWEETEST little tiny puppa I have ever seen! Reminds me of my little doggy, Roccoco.

  20. Good luck with the house hunt, I share your pain! House hunting in California is a nightmare right now. The dog is brilliant! I especially like the upturned tail.

  21. All I can utter is little ‘awws’, cooing and silly noises that I make when I see babies or puppies or play with our dogs. Thanks, you’ve reduced me to babble, Claire.. with a tiny bit of polar fleece, thread and pins!
    Whiidgsshee whisshy whee gipbsinootchiboo!

    Translation :Rock on! Ruff!

  22. Claire, the little pup is absolutely adorable! I so want one! He’d look really cute in a plaid flannel!

  23. the cutest thing EVER! nice job!

  24. says:

    Incredibly cute!

  25. And that was, “it is always a pleasure to come her” (pfffff)

  26. Oh my gosh – this is so precious, I want to squeeze him in my hand! What an amazing little thing!

  27. says:

    Hold fast to your bottom line on the house – if the agent is trying to play you the sellers are probably desperate! It is easier and less stressful in the long run for you to hold out than for them to do so.

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    That dog is too cute! I often visit our local Japanese bookstore for the Ondori craft books, but if you’re looking for a magazine/book featuring international illustrators you have to look at “Mizue Freestyle Artbook.”Back issues had Lotta Jandotter using her GOCCO print press and crafts from Mizue Hirano based on her unique art style.

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    ooooooh! eeeeeeeeeeee! aaawwwww! you could wear him round your neck like a charm. awesome.

  30. I LOVE this one, and I am sure that my wife, Louise, will too…..We will have to keep an eye out on eBay for it!!

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    Hi Claire,
    Believe it or not I just made that same dog the other night! I made mine with some hardy felt, but yours looks so much nicer and fluffier. Maybe tomorrow at the craft fair we can find some nice thin fur to make them out of, got to get the whole pattern book now I think.



  32. Ha ! Did you Christina?! Please bring it along tomorrow so I can have a squizz.

  33. wow, I’m really amazed that people can make things that small!! He’s uber cute too.

  34. I. Love. That. Dog.”Adorable” doesn’t really cover it. A tiny cat next?

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    soo adorable!

  36. says:

    so cute! so cute that my head exploded when derek showed me the image last night. fabulous! are you taking orders?

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    Very cute.Dunno if you know, but ‘Wanko’ is pretty much ‘little bow wow’ in japanese. ‘Wan’ is what dogs say, and ‘-ko’ is a diminutive.

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    he is SOOOOO cute!

  39. says:

    I want him! You should sell these…they’re so cute.