Cold and cute

I haven’t done anything crafty for the longest time. It’s so cold in my studio that my finger tips turn blue and my feet feel like big lumps of solid wood in my sneakers.
I am also suffering from a slight case of blog fatigue which I am sure hits all of us from time to time. It’s just too cold in here and of course Australian Idol has started so the couch is so much more inviting. Luckily I’ve been through this enough times now to know that these feelings of “oh, I wish I could just chuck it all in” will pass in a week or two.

Plush You! opened in Seattle a few days ago, and it’s great to see some photos up around the place of the show (not martha and mia’s). Here’s the list of artists whose work is included. If you happen to be in Seattle you can catch the show (and my cat and pear) at Schmancy.

On an exciting crafty-purchase note; I just bought one of Melissa’s tiny little cuties over at Etsy — (a fabulously dangerous place to visit if you have any money in your paypal account).

Isn’t she cute? And only 5cm high.

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12 Responses

  1. Yep, blog fatigue, I hear you and I’m still an infant blog!

  2. She’s adorable. Lucky you. Can relate to bad weather and couch… summer days will make a world of difference.Glad you’re back. F.

  3. Your site is charming…I have added it to my blog…hope that is OK. Sit back and enjoy Idol…keep bloggin too!

  4. i love etsy! i have been selling for about a month over there, and i always get sidetracked by all the other shops…i love how you can search by tags and color too! such a neat idea. (the doll is just adorable!)

  5. So sweet! Like a little kokeshi meets babushka. I’m back (well, in London) and on the intergeek, Claire, it’s in the URL.xx

  6. That’s adorable. It kind of looks like one of those Russian dolls

  7. we took pictures on Friday night too. Here’s the link:

  8. says:

    She is so cute, I find it difficult to work on small things. We are nearing the end of our summer and always dread the long winter.

  9. Love your work and your blog…push past the fatigue! Here in NJ its sweltering and very humid, as far as I’m concerned they’re both bad–too cold, too humid. Can’t we figure out a way to make it just right all the time?

  10. Dear Claire,Thank you so much for posting this entry. It didn’t just make my day, it made my week! I am sending her out to you this weekend. Please excuse the delay, but I have always wanted to sen you a thank you for all your hard work with the MOS. Thanks again! I also spoke with Christina about us all meeting up one day.