Hello from out in the Wild Wild East

Just a quick entry to say the August MOS gallery is available to see over on flickr – here.
If your contribution doesn’t appear in this gallery it may be because perhaps you have not added the tag “MOS August 2005” (including the inverted commas) to your image. There is some more info on tagging your images here.

If your softie is still not showing up even with a correct tag it could be that your account status is either pending or NIPSA (here are some more details.) I have been advised by Flickr support that if you think you may have this problem you should email them and find out your account status.

The new theme for September is a very open theme — it’s called “Personal Challenge”. This month I invite you to try your hand at something you have been meaning to get into for ages but can never find the motivation to do so. Personally I am either going to start that patchwork quilt I have been meaning to get into, or make a teddy bear (perhaps even with joints though I somehow doubt I will make it that far). I ask that when you submit your photos to the gallery that you also include a blurb about your challenge and how you dealt with it / felt about it / etc.

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4 Responses

  1. He He my personal challenge is just to finish a softie by the deadline each month!

  2. That’s a great idea! Maybe I’ll try to make a stuffed animal, I’ve never tried it and always been somewhat afraid of failing miserably at it and making some ugly little creature.
    Glad you’re posting more and crafting more. Your blog is one of my favorites.

  3. Where are the june bugs? Sorry to nag, but I really want to see ’em!