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It’s not even 8.30am and I am sitting here at my computer sipping a cup of tea and browsing some of my favourite craft blogs before I start work for the day. Amelia went off with Big-P about twenty minutes ago for her day of childcare at a friend’s house and then she will be staying with my mum tonight and spending the day with her tomorrow while we get our new kitchen cabinets put in.
Last night, after Amelia was all tucked up in bed fast asleep and breathing through a whistling nose, it occurred to me that I would be away from her for two days. That is the longest time we have been apart in our short three years. At first I couldn’t help but feel a bit excited and carefree at the thought but then it began to sink in and right now I feel quite love-sick and missing her. I know around 9pm tonight Big-P and I will both be contemplating the ridiculous idea of stopping by Mum and Dad’s so that we can sneak into her room and stare down dotingly on her sleeping face. Yes, yes. Revolting I know but them’s the breaks.

Ok, off to do some work stuff.

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22 Responses

  1. Melissa, I heard about ‘Pee Time’ as well. We didn’t get a chance to try it, but he has a website – and a sketch of the week!

    Are you planning for her birthday party yet?

    Can you believe it?

  2. being away from one’s children is at once thrilling and heart aching. i like it, but only for little spurts.
    my son would agree, happiness is a new buzz lightyear doll.

  3. mistic_ann@yahoo.com says:

    So cute…so adorable..That is a very sensitive illo of your daughter.

  4. Time away from kids is such a double-edged sword, isn’t it? My Mum has Audrey today, and I’m enjoying the quiet and time to do things, but I also really miss her and feel a little guilty too (should I really be enjoying time away from her this much!?) Good luck with your new kitchen!

  5. serj@bigpond.net.au says:

    Oh how I know how you feel. I left my 5 month old (with my husband mind you!) for a girls night out. I missed him dreadfully and I was only gone for 4 hours. Those motherly feelings don’t seem to change. He is the youngest of my 3!

  6. Hee hee, and you’ve really captured Buzz’look, in your own style!

  7. That is a beautiful illustration. I love it.

  8. I know what you mean. I haven’t left Mia overnight before and i’m feeling slightly anxious about going into hospital to have baby number 2.

  9. oh! i can totally relate to feeling nostaligic when my little one is only three and spends all day long next to my side! the other day i felt overcome with the idea of him growing up and he gave me a big hug. 😀 i love the new buzz doll illo~does amelia strike up conversations with her dolls?

  10. I don’t blame you one bit about wanting to sneek over to see her. Just wait until she successfully spends the night with pals…it’s just gut wrenching, the happiness that they’re growing up and at the same time the sadness that they’re growing up at all.

  11. Dear Claire,Your post made me giggle because I am just like that too. My 3 year old sleet over at my Mum and Dad’s house recently (which is about 5 mins away) and I felt so many conflicting emotions such as proud of him for being independant enough to sleep over, excited for him because he would have fun, excited for me because he wouldn’t wake me up a 5 or 6am like he usually does, a bit hurt that he wasn’t worried about leaving us and scared because I knew I would miss him. Isn’t it funny because he felt so happy there and didn’t even want to come home in the morning! It is nice to hear that we all feel the same! Also, off the topic, we have just finished toilet training him and found ‘Pee Time’ by Mo Willems a real help. I’m not sure if you have finished that stage, but I am telling everyone about it!

  12. Such a sweet post. Whenever my husband and I have a (rare) moment alone sans our three kids, we feel a bit strange. We enjoy our time together don’t get me wrong. . .it’s just takes a while to get used to sudden silence in our home. The silence is deafening, and we find that we yearn for loud crashes! booms! screams! giggles!
    Love your illo — my girl is a fan of Toy Story too. 🙂

  13. …you know she misses you too =) It gives you all the opportunity to appreciate each other.

  14. The joy of peeking at a sleeping child is one that is seldom documented. Certainly as a new parent of three months standing, it has evolved to one of my greatest joys, second only to the moment at which that baby boy opens his eyes and sees me there. A smile of recognition is a surefire heartbreaker.

  15. Hope you’re enjoying your mini-break! …but bet you’ll be glad when she’s home again.

  16. leetusdesigns@ozemail.com.au says:

    I had to take an unexpected trip this week to where my parents live, which is 5 hours from my house. I left my two toddlers with my husband at home. Yesterday I was at Coles and I saw a little girl about 15 months carrying around a “woody” doll…My little girl LOVES woody and I missed her so much I burst into tears infront of everyone. After being away for three days I am so happy to be back home..distance really does make the heart grow fonder!!!!!

  17. I just got a print for my birthday from my sisters! My hints paid of! I love it!

  18. poehler@xcelco.on.ca says:

    Please don’t feel bad about leaving her with your Mom and Dad. These are going to be very huge and dear memeories for her when she’s a big girl and a mom of her own. Too many children in this world today that grow up without having that grandparent connection and its so sad. With that said, think of these overnighters without Amelia as a gift to her and your folks. 🙂

  19. Somehow I never expected to see Buzz in one of your pics! It turned out really cute though!

  20. Happiness really IS a buzz lightyear doll. I love the illustration. 🙂

  21. Those heart strings certainly do tug hard when you do the stay overnight at nana’s thing.I had to fight the urge to ask daddy (Geoff) if he needed a wee or a drink.
    After one whole night away from Maeve, rushed back to nana’s expecting she would be very keen to see us, she seemed so nonchalant! I know she DID miss us and we were very proud of our mature little toddler. But a little disappointed by the reaction when we came home. They grow up at lightning speed!

  22. don’t worry , she`ll be fine