Night flowers

Today I spent time working on my last piece for my exhibition which will be hanging from around the 16th of June onwards for a few weeks. Address and exact dates will follow soon. I am doing eight illustrations of which I am getting 10 prints made of each. They will be all be bigger than anything I have had printed out before – The smallest is about 45cm wide and 60cm high while the two biggest are about a metre high. These are all based on the theme of “The Midnight Picnic” and are dark and forresty and full of fireflies and glowing lanterns. I am also going to make some toys to match; little folks rugged up for a midnight picnic, carrying picnic baskets and fearful expressions.

I will be selling some of these limited edition prints online so stay tuned for further details.

Also, the gallery for last month’s Month of Softies is coming along. I am sorry for the wait. Life has been busy. I have had a few emails asking what this month’s theme is so I will just quickly remind you that it’s “May Flowers“. Fun!

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17 Responses

  1. Fabulous things happening for you and fabulous work!!

  2. You are so amazingly talented – that image is gorgeous! I’ll definitely be at the exhibition – can’t wait!

  3. Perfect timing! I’ll be in Melbourne from beginning of July – can’t wait!

  4. Its great – given all your other work and stress – that you are keeping the softies running Claire – just take your time and do it when you can! Contrary to my expectations – May Flowers really taxed my imagination – strange – I thought it would be easy. I’m well into it now though and enjoying it immensely!

  5. you’re very gifted

  6. I love your paintings! So sweet. Good luck with the show! Wish I could go, but being in the US that’s a bit difficult. Take lots of pics! :)Emily

  7. What a GREAT theme for your exhibition! I can’t wait to see your illustrations. The Month of Softies theme is also a fun one…I’m all about May flowers!!

  8. That’s a beautiful illustration… I can’t wait to see everything else! And, thanks for sharing pics of your work for those of us who can’t make it to Australia to see it in person!

  9. those are incredibly cute!

  10. ooohh will it still possibly be around till mid august?? that is when i resturn home! would love to know how to purchase your prints. would love my walls to be adorned with such talent!

  11. I really really love the Midnight Picnic theme.. 🙂

  12. Beautiful… I love them

  13. says:

    Hi! Only 10 prints of each??! You are definitely going to have a higher demand than that on your hands!I am definitely up for a few purchases!
    Your passion/work is full of talented and is quite inspiring.

  14. Thank you for following up about the show. I wish I was in Melbourne to see it. Will the toys be part of the exhibition? That would be fun. I can imagine, then, the temptation to make physical scenarios or worlds for them, too. A hop skip and a jump into puppetry or animation! Interesting how these areas are so closely related.
    I was happy for you having loobylu added added to the Pandora Archive.

  15. I love this one, can’t wait o see the others. Fun to see your toy characters making it into the two-dimensional world!

  16. says:

    Oh my! how I would love to own a genuine clare robertson limited edition print. i eagerly await details on how to maybe secure one for myself.
    wish that i could come to the show!

  17. says:

    Count me in as one of your fans, eager to purchase a print. Or two. Or three. Or … well, you get the idea. 🙂