It’s awfully quiet here. Amelia has gone off to spend the morning at my Mum’s house leaving me here to try desperately to retrieve a corrupted image for my show (oh woe! It seems it is very bad luck to call an image lost.psd).
Let me tell you what happened last night after 9pm. We watched a little of the Happy Days 30th Reunion Show full of funny gags, bloopers and practical jokes (you know, The Fonze with a cream pie in his face etc. yuk yuk). Shortly after the bloopers segment Big-P got off the beanbag we were both slothing in causing me to tumble and fall on to the carpet (thank goodness we didn’t pull up the carpet in the sitting room) with my legs waving madly in the air. Yuk yuk.

Shortly after this we went to clean up the kitchen and I started to transfer some good eggs from a carton containing a couple of broken stuck eggs into a clean empty carton. In some strange twisting act of clumsiness the carton spun around in my hands tossing the last two good eggs into the air and then all over the kitchen floor. Yuk yuk.

Shortly after this I came into the studio to shut down my computer and save my image that I spent the last few days working on (lost.psd) only to somehow corrupt the file so that now it looks like this:

It’s quite pretty really, like a woven rug, but not quite the image I was trying to get. Not so many yuks this time.

Shortly after that I stood morosely at the kitchen sink and started to fill a hot water bottle only to accidentally flick the opening towards myself spilling a great gushing flood of hot water down my last clean warm pajama top. No yuks, none at all. Mostly just self-pitying sniveling.

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21 Responses

  1. Oh no, one of THOSE days. I have them sometimes in the morning and always end up wishing that I’d just gone back to bed at the first sign of the day going wrong. I hope your new image is even better than the first one..

  2. You know what, Claire? It may seem perverse, and I am very sorry you lost your work (I have done this too many times to count and it totally sucks), but I really REALLY love the resulting stripy jpg you seem to have got out of it. I think it would be wonderful printed onto that photo-to-cloth iron-on transfer paper at the largest scale possible (A4?) and then ironed onto a plain cotton or linen, and used as a nice patterned material for your next Softy creation.. Oh, and perhaps your next Month theme could be “Lost (and Found)”? (I can’t wait to move into my new house where I will have space to create Softies for my forthcoming Beanlet – and join you guys each month, at long last!)

  3. When you are working on a file,do you just SAVE over it as you work, or SAVE AS? Saving AS rewrites the file completely (including metadata and unseen stuff), where as just saving rewrites just the information that has changed (the image). After many saves, the file can get corrupted.
    Or…maybe you have a jealous, artisticly inept ghostie hangin’ round your studio? Do you happen to live on an acient Indian burial ground? In Hawthorn?

  4. I usually just keep on saving. This file was a big one too, and I was working on other things while I was saving it in the background… silly SILLY me. 🙁 never mind. Second time around it will be even better. sniff.

  5. Oh! Poor Claire! :o( Somebody quick, get this woman some chocolate!!!

  6. Oh:-(Been there. too. I’m so sorry!
    The best thing, I’ve found, is to occationally save a new copy, even if you at the end wind up with 10 or more copies. If something corrupts, at least you have ten images to choose from, although they are from different stages of the process.
    Hope you’re loving your new picture!

  7. Aww, sounds like you’re having a day and a half!

  8. jamfancy@jamfancy.com says:

    I agree, you need chocolate, or perhaps doughnuts? I just had doughnuts and I feel alot better. You are being very brave about losing and image, Id snivel for days*L*

  9. hey good luck with the exhibition – where are you having it? is it solo or with a group?

  10. I hate those days, where everything goes wrong, i have them quite often! I hope all works out with your image. I hope big-P gave you lots of cuddles and sympathy.

  11. sbrownrobie@yahoo.com says:

    oh, no!*hands you chocolate & a tissue*

  12. Oh so sad! But I must say I love the stripes of the ruined image. I have great faith that your image will magically return.

  13. tbrodbnt@memphis.edu says:

    psd file, right? Quit and reopen photoshop, rename the corrupted file, and reopen.This has happened to me on several occassions, and I am generally in too much of a rush to poke around the help groups for photoshop to see WHY.
    OR if you’d like to try sending me the file and i will see if i can get it to work.

  14. Oh my gosh! You poor thing. If I were you, I wouldn’t get out of bed today. Hee…I hope you recover your image!

  15. Been there – it stinks! Best of luck with your show and hope that the computer gods do some smiling on you instead.
    😉 french toast girl

  16. Ooohh, yes, it sounds like it was one of *those* days… On a positive note, your corrupted image looks like something Amy Ruppel would use for her beautiful pieces of art… Maybe you could repurpose it so that it’s not a total loss?

  17. Bummer! There’s nothing more frustrating than having files eaten by your computer. Good luck getting it back!

  18. there’s a reason for everything – so the new one will be even greater!

  19. although this new picture is pretty… i hope you can get the original back!
    p.s. don’t forget cake, there is always room for cake in addition to all of the other goodies that will make you feel better.