Friends part two

Usually I am pretty good at navigating the roads of Melbourne – I proudly tell people it’s because I used to have to read maps from a very young age while on Balloon Retrieve with my family. There’s nothing like a stressed out mother shouting “Which way?? Right or left? Bloody hell! Stop spinning the map around and tell me!” to get you totally motivated to learn how to tell North from South, dirt track from railway line, balloon target from angry bull-populated field or swampy sewerage land. So it was very unusual for me to be happily holding a map book in the passenger seat this morning while gabbing away to Big-P about some colour scheme or other only to find ourselves completely lost. This was followed by a huge and complicated back-track making a quick trip out to see friends an incredibly long tour of the outer North-Eastern suburbs while Amelia said helpful things from the back seat such as “I think we should walk from here Mum-mum!” and “Alice lives a long way-away doesn’t she?!”. Eventually we found ourselves in the right place and had some delicious croissants while Paul muttered angry things at me about gingham-lovers and ridiculous blog awards etc.
And now for some more links:

Friends Part 2

Jam Fancy: Christina is my newest “internet friend”. We became friends very quickly after realising we had so many similar interests that we couldn’t possibly not be friends. She is scarily talented and while her live journal is pretty heavily focused on her Blythe dolls and the amazing outfits she hand sews (every little stitch is amazing) for them, but you can also see some of the other fab stuff she gets into; her prints, her softies and her love of christmas traditions for example.

What about Honey?: Brave, sweet, funny and beautiful. She is one of the crafty Melbourne girls I love to catch up with and is always inspiring. She takes cool photos and makes cool stuff! You can also find her in Readymade Magazine.

Kylie: while Kylie’s personal site is rarely updated these days, she still keeps me coming back for more with her knitting blog, which is one of the best I know for snippets of incredibly useful information as well as insights, photographs and updates on her incredible knitting pieces. Her passion and her creativity in textile art are truly impressive.

CosmicBuzz: Suzette is another knit-blogger but she also shares with us the daily ups and downs (but mostly positive ups these days) of life with her two little children Oskar and Jasmine in the leafy ‘burbs of Melbourne – just around the corner from us actually. She is thoughtful and reflective, and I have enormous respect for her passionate dedication. I also like it when her mischievous sense of humour sneaks in around the corner.

Neuronwave: Ben’s blog is a little on the sparse side these days as life gets busier and blogging less attractive. Regardless, no list of friend’s blogs would be complete without including Ben who has been such a huge advocate of the blog in my world where blogging is still seen as faintly weird and definitely quaint. Perhaps he is keeping a secret Livejournal somewhere. Come back Ben!

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9 Responses

  1. hi clair, some great site links, I am in enormous awe of christina from jam fancy, how incredibley talented and focused (obsessed!) is she. keep up the good work.

  2. My God ! I made the error of clicking on the Drawn button on the right side… When am i going to work with such a fantastic ressource of links ? ūüėÄ

  3. I promise I will try and update more….and i honoured to be inlcuded in your list.

  4. Heh, your friend Paul is funny.

  5. Aw, thanks Claire! I’m touched.

  6. says:

    Just thinking about the re-decorating Claire. I like the folders you’ve got for each room, what a good idea. Something we found useful was to keep a notebook with pages for each room, window measurements, room size etc. We kept it in the car, or handbag then if we were out & spotted a bargain (like curtaining etc) we’d know how much to buy. Also good to record how much paint each room needs etc.Thanks for the links, I’m enjoying them.

  7. Notebooks is a great idea. The folders are a bit of a pain actually, things keep falling out of them. I think I should have got some of those wallet folders instead.

  8. aaah Claire thank you very much for those links ^^ it was really great to visit all your friends and suggestions. ^^ hhee. aaah and Jam fancy Christina¥s journal is one of my faves. I love all her stuff. I agree with you her hand stitches are really amazing! ^^ love her soooo much ^^.And Melissa¥s ( I like food, bye) journal aaaah what can I say about her? she is one of my best friends and she always have something interesting to show us. ^^ hehe